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What is NoobFeed.com? NoobFeed.com is the place to be if you are a gamer, as both our team and our user base share similar passions and interests. Create a profile, join the community and participate in fun discussions ,competitions and entertainment.

Why should I visit NoobFeed.com? NoobFeed.com is your most up to date source for video game news, rumors and latest offers. If something substantial or even remotely interesting happens then it is more than likely we are writing or have already written about it. Also bringing you previews of all your favorite games thorough out the year, with clear and concise details of how they are shaping up. We are also building a large catalogue of reviews for games old and new, and our eclectic mix means there is something for everyone. Your favorite game not been covered? Let us know and we will soon change that. It is also our objective to expand and we are constantly looking for talented writers who share both the passion and enthusiasm for what we’re trying to achieve. We have big dreams here at NoobFeed and we fully intend on fulfilling each and every one of them in a way that’s not only informative, but accessible and relevant to our user base. We know there’s a lot of competition out there and we’re competing against some global goliaths, but we honestly feel there’s a niche in the market that we slot right into. Providing a more hands-on approach to our work and our community as a whole. With many other sites you feel like you’re just another face in the crowd, at NoobFeed we bring your personality to the forefront. Sign-up and fuel your passion for video games?