Video Game Releases for July 2016

By Grayshadow, 25 Jun 2016

2016 is halfway done. We've seen some disappointing launches like Mighty No. 9 and the The

  • Tomas & Joe: A Return

    By Dramus, Posted 17 Apr 2013

    Out of the ashes they are reborn. Reborn, into something much greater. Bigger, badder and *Joes throws a controller at Tomas* "Oh shut up and give them the updates

  • By the Gods!

    By Knight, Posted 25 Mar 2013

    You know, i take it to heart when i say i check noobfeed weekly. Now i feel like i should be on more, why is that? simply put, our beta ends soon, in about fours days to be corr

  • My Top Four Brawlers

    By xC4Lx, Posted 19 Feb 2014

    The first thing I do when looking for a fighting game is how it brings my friends together. Especially when 'drinks' are being passed after a couple of sips each. The

  • A gamer hellloooooo

    By deliduck, Posted 01 Jun 2013

    Hmm this site sure has changed. What year is this again? It's odd posting here as I haven't posted a blog in years well...anywhere. I don't know why I am now or why it

  • Games are awesome

    By Bubli, Posted 21 Apr 2013

    I've been playing games since I was born actually... My brother bought a Nintendo 64, and later on a Playstation One, so I got these consoles when I was born. Played gam

  • 8

    Far Cry 3 Monologue

    By xC4Lx, Posted 12 Feb 2014

    Do you want to stab a guy from behind, then swiftly his partner and throw the second enemies knife into the chest of the third and last enemy who is rushing towards you, to complet

  • Back from the Dead

    By Shindiggah, Posted 16 Apr 2015

    So it was, with the grace of an everlasting butterfly, the infamous fool returned from the dead.

  • 7

    Testing testing testing

    By c_rake, Posted 22 Feb 2013

    Just seeing if this works. Though there really needs to be a preview button on this stuff. Seriously.

  • It's good to be back!

    By Cian, Posted 15 Apr 2013

    Right lets gets this blog satrted.. so what have I been up to since i've been away.. I started a 9 month internship last year and i am on my last couple days with th

  • 6

    Is it a bird?

    By xC4Lx, Posted 15 Feb 2014

    I was asked, what I felt like doing today? Wide eyed, I responded, I felt like flying around Metropolis. Oh god, a game from 2006? Are you freaking kiddin' me? Oh yes, G

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