Hoping for the Next Generation

Will a release date ever be announced for these games?

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Apr 2013

With the next generation of consoles at hand I’ve looked back at the outstanding array of games that have been released over the years. While a lot of these great titles have been followed with numerous sequels and prequels a few still elude my grasp. Some of these games have either been ignored due to commercial failure, development issues or low popularity. I’ve hope that of these would’ve been released during this cycle but now with a new generation of consoles to be released in the upcoming year my hope have shifted from this cycle to the next. Hopefully these games will be released on the next generation and if not I’ll continue to wait until they do.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Since it was released in 2003 I was constantly told to play Beyond Good & Evil. It was in March of 2011 that I decided to finally play this masterpiece on my Xbox 360 and realize I made the right choice. If I played it then I would’ve endured over ten years of waiting for a sequel that never came. Since 2008 the developers at Ubisoft have released only snippets of information regarding the game, but because of the poor commercial success of the original title little faith has been put into the trilogy as a sound investment. On June 2011 it was revealed that Michel Ancel, the creator and lead designer of the original game, that Beyond Good & Evil is slated for next generation consoles because of the limitations of the current generation. Hopefully Jade will return and Pey’j’s fate will finally be revealed. But knowing Ubisoft they’ll probably put more faith and money into other projects that will ensure growth. Hopefully I’m wrong and Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be shown at E3.

Mega man Legends 3

Like many gamers I was excited when Mega man Legends 3 was announced. Since I first took control of Mega man Volnutt back in 1998 I was hooked on the lore and gameplay. Collection more zenny and finding new material was as addicting as destroying every Reaverbot I could find. Mega Man Legends 2 was an improvement from the original in every way. With more weapons, dungeons and weapons to unlock I lost hours collecting everything.

When Mega man Legends 3 was announced for the Nintendo 3DS and the developers were asking for the community to contribute a lot of content towards the development I was afraid that the game would fall short. My doubts were blasted away when the entire project was canceled, ensuring that I wouldn’t have the chance to either be delighted or disappointed with Mega man Volnutt’s latest adventure. Although Keiji Inafune has left Capcom I’m going to remain hopeful, one day Mega man Volnutt will be rescued from Elysium and continue his adventure to uncover his past life. If not I can also play my copy of Mega Man Legends 2 and relive the once great series knowing that I’ll never have the closure I desire.

Enslaved 2

What do The Darkness and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West have in common? Nothing to you, but for me I purchased both of these games out of impulse. The vividly detailed world, teeming with bright palette of lights and colors, was different from other post-apocalyptic environments. Instead it was an entirely new world built in the ruins of a extinct one. While the combat was varied and simple the relationship between Monkey and his handler Trip is what truly put Enslaved ahead of other games. The personality and desires of both characters begin to seep into one another, eventually change them completely towards the end of the odyssey. The bond that they develop through this journey was filled with exciting moments that made me crave more, especially when the journey ended in such a climatic way. With Trip’s vendetta fulfilled, Monkey finding a new reason to live and a lot people reborn into a horrible new existence it would be a shame to see this title fall into the shadows.

The Last Guardian

Like many people I was expecting The Last Guardian to make an appearance at Sony’s conference. The legendary enigma has developed into a myth, unknown of whether it’ll ever be released. Although the story remains vague it appears to follow in the footsteps of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Starring a new protagonist, a unnamed boy, is attempting to escape what appears to be a large capacious castle with the aid of a griffin named Trico: hence the project’s original name Project Trico. The boy is defenseless and must rely on his massive ally to solve puzzles and fight off soldiers. It appears that the bold isn’t established during the beginning of the game but as the story progresses to ensure that the player develops a special connection between each character. Judging by past games developed by Team Ico this title will probably end in tears. For now this myth has yet to become a reality and little information has been given about either the content or a release date. Will The Last Guardian become the next Duke Nuken Forever? I hope not. 

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