Back 4 Blood Delayed to October 12th

Back 4 Blood won't make its original release date

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 Mar 2021

Today Turtle Rock Studios confirmed the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead Back 4 Blood will now release on October 12th.

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— Back 4 Blood (@back4blood) March 25, 2021

The developer stated they still plan to hold an open beta this Summer 2021.

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative 4-player survival title where players attempt to survival an infected horde. Players can play in competitive matches in 8v8 matches where 1 side plays as the survivors and the other as infected, basically Left 4 Dead. The difference here is that players can use cards to adjust various gameplay elements but so can the AI Director who uses Corruption Cards against the players.

Back 4 Blood launches this October 12th for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5, PS4, and PC.

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