There i stood, my girlfriend balling her eyes out, and me feeling really bad, and douchbagish

To start off I am going to say i feel very bad, verry bad. I shall explain. The day started great. Me and my girlfriend were planning on spending the day togeather and then go out for a nice dinner. So i call her up this morning at around 9 and we go over stuff and what were doing. So we were going to go to the mall and spend a few hours there, i mean, oay for everything my girlfriend picks out, romantic right? So anyway we discuss our things and then we say goodbye and hang up.

My mom then calls home and says she needs me to come help her at her store. She owns a flower shop, and V-Day (D-Day for me, ill explain) is a very busy day. So this is great. I cant spend the day with my girlfriend but we can still go out for dinner. So i call my girlfriend up and tell her the situation. She says she has a better idea and wants to come to the store and help out. Great i thought. This could be fun. So we meet at my mom's store and start doing odd-jobs and were having a good time. The day progresses and its been a few hours, its around 2 now, So then we started doing waterpicks. Now this seems harmless, and so cute, us filling tubes of water togeather, oh water pick, oh water, where are thou waterpick. Wow did i just say that. Yes, Yes I did. So anyway were doing waterpicks and she made a comment I was to slow. Ok fine i picked up the pace, then i was too fast (wow after reading whaat i just wrote it sounds like we were fucking via waterpick). Then i made a comment she needed to chill. That is where i fucked up. She started feeling bad and i told her i was sorry. She thats all i ever was, sorry. I'm thinking to myself, WTF do you want me to be a bag of douche. She continued to sob and started being a bit of a bitch.

It has been about an hour since then and we were still sitiing there, folding boxes now. I appolagized like 8 times, yet she wont talk to me. Fine, So i asked her if we should get going to dinner now. She said, and i quote "Why the fuck would i go to dinner with a douchbage like you". So i said fine, and we broke up on the spot. She went home crying and there i stood, my girlfriend balling her eyes out, and me feeling really bad, and douchbagish.

Oh you like that terintino or however you spell his name. But ya i feel like an asshole, any ideas what to do?

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  • Oh wow, sorry dude. :(  Hmm...I don't know how close you were and can't say I've ever been in your position but maybe wait a day or so and call her and explain how you feel like an a-hole and such.  I don't know I've said never had this happen to me before so I don't know how much of a help I could be,  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you though man!  Good luck :)

    Posted Feb 14, 2009
  • thanks alot man. I commited some serious Douche Baggery

    Posted Feb 14, 2009
  • No problem, and yeah we all screw up from time to time.  Best of luck to ya though!

    Posted Feb 14, 2009
  • :(

    Really have no advice to give you, keep your head up!

    Posted Feb 14, 2009
  • Dude, not a very good way to spend Valentines Day... I'd do what nerdboy suggested and call her after a day or so. Maybe it'll work out, good luck to you Smile

    Posted Feb 15, 2009
  • I'm sorry but if you apologised to her multiple times and she still reacted in that way then perhaps breaking up was the best thing to do. Give her a few days to cool off, if she doesn't come back then it wasn't meant to be mate,

    Posted Feb 15, 2009
  • avatar RON

    crap! i'm really sorry to know about the situation you had to go through..well, there are times that you can't do anything; even though you see that things are screwing up infront of you. ..but it's better to take it easy, considering that these are all parts of life.

    and, you've already said sorry 8 times. all you can do is wait a bit and see how she reacts. let her get over the pain she had to go through. i'm sure things will come back to a normal state very soon :)

    Posted Feb 15, 2009

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