Meet the Marketing Manager!

By RON, Posted 16 Aug 2009

Our marketing team is finally setup and we have a new Marketing Manager. Say hello to Imtiaz, known as pantrabd to some of you. He’s a very old friend and also a colleague of mine. We’ve worked for two very big projects of our country. Currently he’s living at UK, studying and agreed to NoobFeed from now on. Imtiaz is a great gamer and loves to be around gamers.


Photo of Imtiaz

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  • NoobFeed now has a Marketing Manager? Sweet news!

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • Thanks for introducing us another member of the team. :)

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • are we allowed to have that t-shirt

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • Great news! But, is he wearing the t-shirt upside-down? as the writing is from right to left :P

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • @Daktary: This is a mirror image mate :) i should change my isight settings.


    Thanks to Ron for  introducing me.

    @anihimrox: everyone can have this T-shirt, not for free though unfortunately :(

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • How come I dont have that t-shirt yet...Surprisedtoo bad.Tongue out

    Nywayz congrats to Imtiaz.Smile

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • Thnx Nirvana, Everyone will get this Tshirt eventually. ;)

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • congratZ imti

    love the T-Shirt

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • Thanks biZZy

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • Nice to meet him, and welcome Imtiaz

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • excellent thats great! hope this helps the site grow even further :D

    Posted Aug 16, 2009
  • did you/he take a pic of a mirror? or noobfeed's actually written backwards on the t-shirt? :P

    and explain the weird white dot on his neck :P

    Posted Aug 17, 2009
  • well brunoBRS: I've no idea about that white spot, ask Ron :) and for this mirrored picture my iSight Camera is responsible and I am too lazy to correct that mate.

    Posted Aug 17, 2009
  • Nice to meet you Imtiaz :D I want That t-shirt :D

    Posted Aug 17, 2009
  • @tanya: The pleasure is mine :D. whenever you come to visit UK you will get this T shirt or otherways whenever i come to BD you will get this, evantually this is a win win situation for you Wink

    Posted Aug 17, 2009
  • avatar RON

    haha. Seems like Imtiaz is already enjoying the crowed here :)

    @ BrunoBRS: That’d be my mouse pointer :P

    Posted Aug 17, 2009
  • Lol I want a shirt like that :P

    Marketing Manager!? This is awesome news :D

    Posted Aug 18, 2009
  • Sweet. Like his shirt.

    Posted Aug 18, 2009
  • Welcome aboard mate. ;)

    Posted Aug 19, 2009
  • Welcome to the team mate :D

    Posted Aug 24, 2009

  • I can tell that the man with photo editing isn't an expert :P Look at the logo :(

    Posted Apr 24, 2010

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