Another review!

By RON, Posted 03 Sep 2009

Thanks to our forum for being a little bit inactive these days. Now I can spend more time with the reviews I’ve planned to write over the last few months. So, here is a new one already in two days time. Highly recommending reading to those who are Football lovers. Btw, as I’m not the master of PES series, I’ve put some rational questions for both the series’ future. So, expecting the PES fans to enlighten my review with their comments and arguments.

O lord! I already feel doomed with all these PES masters around me :P

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  • Someone is on fire :P I have zero experience with PES series, so all I can say that it was a very good review :)

    Posted Sep 03, 2009
  • You forgot something.Surprised

    Posted Sep 03, 2009
  • I have to admit that the PES series had showned great inprovement all over these years.

    Posted Sep 03, 2009
  • On my way there. And always remember, no matter the graphics, the presentation, the flashes and the booms, PES is more realistic Wink

    Posted Sep 04, 2009
  • two in a row ? good reviews mate !

    Posted Sep 04, 2009
  • avatar RON

    @Ilias: I was expecting you to say this and I don't disagree with you. Even though PES is more realistic but I can't say it's better. I'm very much waiting to play PES 2010 so that I can make proper judgment out of these two good games.

    Posted Sep 06, 2009
  • Quite frankly, the Fifa games have been much better over the years compared to PES. Just look at the outdated controls and lame online mode of the PES games since the inception of this gen. I used to be a PES fan, and I hope that the latest instalment in this long running franchise gets the remake that it deserves.

    Posted Sep 07, 2009
  • Yarr Harr!

    Posted Sep 07, 2009
  • avatar RON

    @David: hhahahaha. It's very rare a PES fan talking about PES like this. I guess they're still making progress.

    Posted Sep 10, 2009

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