Back on xbox live !!!!

By daxter223, Posted 29 Dec 2009

New xbox guys once i get gold and more games im gonna try making game nights around here :)

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  • You finally manage to buy a new one :)

    Posted Dec 29, 2009
  • Yessir :)

    Posted Dec 29, 2009
  • I can feel how happy you are now ;)

    Posted Dec 29, 2009
  • Very good news :) I won't say welcome back, cause I know that you won't show up from tomorrow again :P

    Posted Dec 30, 2009
  • now i got more free time so i guess coming here wont be a big sacrifice

    Posted Dec 30, 2009
  • That's great, enjoy your new console. :)

    Posted Dec 30, 2009
  • Nice, enjoy gaming :D

    Posted Jan 01, 2010

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