I dont think you noticed

By daxter223, Posted 30 Dec 2009

I dont think a lotta people noticed im starting to be a lot more active in the forums .. im trying my best to contribute more to this community...knowing i didnt do much in the past :P

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  • to be honost i cant really say..... i cant use the forum

    Posted Dec 30, 2009
  • why is that ?

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • my internet sucks like alot

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • lol ouchie

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • Hm, I haven't been posting in the forums all that much but its great that you are posting much more regularly now. Keep up the good work. :D

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • keep it up dax

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • I'm going to keep an eye on you from now on :P

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • Never noticed you before :P

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • Same here. Ive been more active due to break from school.

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • Good to see that Dax..Keep it up.Smile

    Posted Dec 31, 2009
  • Oh I have noticed it, keep up the good work daxter :D

    Posted Jan 01, 2010

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