By King, Posted 17 Jan 2010


Review is here.


The 7.9 has nothing to do with me complaining about the scoring system, I just don't want to be limited so I feel like I should share my score on the full scale with the readers. Enjoy the review and leave some comments if you would.

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  • I noticed you playing it yesterday. Sure, I'll leave a comment.

    Posted Jan 17, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Not my type of game but I'll have a read later tonight. I was waiting to read from you; specially after that Wii article.

    Posted Jan 17, 2010

  • DJ Hero is a pretty cool game.

    Sure, I'll check out your review.

    Posted Jan 17, 2010

  • On my way to the review.

    You should seriously double check before you post any link. You always forget to put www before it. It takes everyone to an invalid page.

    Posted Jan 17, 2010

  • WWW. doesn't ever make a difference for me. Didn't think it would have an effect on others either.

    Posted Jan 17, 2010

  • Tanya is right. It takes me to a page where I'm not logged in.

    Posted Jan 17, 2010

  • saw your review. very nicely written and I agree with you.

    Posted Jan 18, 2010

  • Great review, quite a lot of money though.


    I'm wondering is making one of those controllers(which are basically all the same, with a different visual design) really that expensive?

    Posted Jan 24, 2010

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