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By King, Posted 15 Feb 2010

Well that sucks. I took a gamble and just typed my blog in this box thinking nothing would happen, but I accidently went back and about 2000 words of mine just disappear. Basically it was about the NBA All-Star weekend. 


I also said something about my latest review and how I didn't want to self promote myself but since it's hard for you guys to know when something new was posted I would have to until we get something on the front page that shows the latest reviews. So anyway, here's the link to my God of War Collection review, and I'm going to go cry about my lost work.

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  • I just noticed, ironically my current level (32) is named All-Star.

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • Should be your most favorite level so far ;)

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • That is sad!! 2000 words lost. That is huge!!!

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • now that'd pretty sad to loose that much of work instantly

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • I was looking for this review. Thanks for putting it up :D

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • I had a project last year on a Wiki, and my Word wasn't working, so I had to type it in the WYSIWYG editor on the website.  I worked on it for about 4-6 hours, clicked submit.  I got an overflow error, and everything was erased.  You don't know the n3rd rage that occured after that.  Put a fist through a wall, literally.

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

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