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By RON, Posted 23 Feb 2010

I’ve been planning to write this blog for almost a month from now, but never had the adequate amount of time I wanted to put in it. Wait! Don’t get scared already, mine’s nothing compared to FetusZero’s usual blogs. Mostly, I’ve plenty of good news to share and I can’t promise a shorter length. So, let’s start with the best one I have in the queue.

New Community Manager:

My heart was shattered when I received an email from serbsta saying that he won’t be available for another long span of time. Some of you know about serbsta already, but those of you don’t; will without doubt going to miss one of the most talented online personal I’ve ever met over different community sites. I'm wishing him a very successful return. We’ve waited several months to confirm his decision and finally appointed our new Community Manager, Domen.

I knew Domen as a writer. Most of his articles I’ve read were on whether global politics or crisis. His background covers a very renowned authoritative family and he tends to keep the tradition up. I know Domen through Craig (fishdalf) and later we both became business parterres. We are currently working on a project, which you guys will see live shortly.

Domen is a very dynamic person and has vision that surpasses most of ours. The reason we wanted him to take the responsibilities of our Community Manger, is because he is going to lead our very first marketing campaign. We have the budget ready and most of the plans. It’s about time, we hit the ground. This will be our very first campaign in and outside over and off the Internet, and we needed someone of Domen’s expertise to carry it on. Like me, let’s all promise that we shall give him our full support throughout his journey as Community Manager.

I'm very happy and proud to have you in the team Domen :)

Optimization work:

Yet another good news. Previously promised 40% faster site is now looking like a 60% faster one. The optimization work is being going superb and will be on live end of next month. Our newly appointed programmers have been doing an excellent work by pulling out the mistakes done by the earlier developers. Wait for my future blog Meet the Developers. There I’ll be introducing them more briefly and will discuss on the tasks they are currently working.

Game Database treaty:

A portal doesn’t get built in a day. Most of you guys have been submitting fresh ideas from day one. And, so far we have achieved only 30%. If you see the other part of this scenario then it means we now have only 70% to reach for your regular satisfaction level. We have a small team and we are growing reasonably slow, but keep this in knowledge that we have never considered our quality. And, we promise only to climb higher. So, we’ve decided to bring a new feature called Games Database. We had the resources available to bring this feature early. But the ongoing optimization work was a must before we add anything newer to this site.

This isn’t the only good news regarding our new feature. We had completed a deal with biggest console and games Provider Company Plug and Play. We will be sharing a games database which will give us a huge boost collecting information and an extra search engine support.

News publication:

A deal between one of the biggest and most popular Local English Newspaper called The Daily Star and NoobFeed in still ongoing. We do have agreements with other local newspapers who publish our news on regular basis but deal will Daily Star will be arranged in a different manner. This time they will publish any article they like. It can be a feature, a review or your very own blog. The writer will get a mention with the article alongside our site name. They did publish Craig’s very first Release note when we launched NoobFeed but no deal has been done with them on permanent basis till now. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you guys updated with further blogs.


Well, I’m not done yet. I have more to talk about. But I can clearly picture that FetusZero’s smiling and mocking me back for the mention. But I had a purpose to for this mention and I'm going to conclude my blog sharing that…


A very very good friend of mine. Just like most of my friends, he is an excellent writer too. His blogs are like cakes in a birthday party; something you don’t want to miss. Lengthy but extremely detail and delicious. I used to order/make a cup of coffee before starting to read his writings. His blogs will give your coffee a strange type of tonic that makes it taste better. Strange coincidence, except it’s really works every time you try it! He is an excellent reviewer too but his reviews are very rare these days. So, if you ever see him posting reviews (his review on FEAR), give it a read.

Have a wonderful day.

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  • Great update, Ron! It's always nice to see the extraordinary work that has been made so far, keep up the good work. I guess I could keep writing, but I won't...

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • Great update. Yea I have noticed the forum became a little bit faster. Congrats to Domen. Its party time. I have read some of FetusZero's blogs. He definitely writes very well unlike me. I usually tend to make everything short. I didnt know that NoobFeed is dealing with Daily Star. Well that's a great step. Should the articles be posted in Rising Stars? Well I have to start proof reading anything before I post any blogs. I need help from the writers. On final note, let me grab a coffee and start reading FetusZero's Fear review.

    Posted Feb 23, 2010
  • avatar RON

    @canana : lol. I'll have tonics for you to keep going ;)

    @Koshai : Rising Stars will come next. I do have them listed for future moves, along with few other IT magazines. Take as much help you need from our writer. canana, azn_pride and Ilias is always here. Don't forget king too. All of them are very supportive and handy when it comes to writing. And that coffee in the end is definitely a good idea. lol

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • I know I say this a lot, but I mean it. If you need my help, just ask. I'll do what I can.

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • Good stuff... nice to have Domen running the advertisement campaigns.  Looks like NoobFeed is going primetime :P.

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • Thanks for the update. :)

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • @Ron : *Hugs* BOSS! Misses you. You need to message me more. The blog was a sucess since well, it's rare that i read these big blogs and i read all of this one. It's awesome.

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • i'll be waiting patiently the updates :D

    BTW, if somehow a user gets mentioned on the newspaper, don't forget to give us a scan of it :P

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • Strangely or not, I was having a cup of coffee when I started reading the article :D

    Thanx for the heads-up! Great news indeed.

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • I already like our new CM and I think we'll do awesome. Please let me know if I can help the community in any other ways. @FetusZero is awesome too. I've invented his writing ability from his very first blog :D And, also thanks for all the other updates. 60% faster site will be even more awesome :D

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • Thank you for this wonderful introduction. I will not only do to the best of my capabilities, but even beyond them. With team-work, unity, and dedication NoobFeed can achieve true greatness, and it shall. I will honor Serbsta's work and hopefully be at least as sufficient to the people of NoobFeed as he was. 



    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • Very nice, Very nice Ron. i like updates. i like them alot.

    Domen, I'm sure you willyou will fir in here, we are like Canada of all gaming sites, (not to toot my own horn)

    But on another note, Ipossibly could get some more publicity by puttin an add into the coffee news. But that would only be if i had more money :(

    Posted Feb 23, 2010

  • Sorry to hear about Serbsta's absence & yes I noticed Warrant turned into Domen as Admin :P Welcome :)

    Forum is way faster than before! Thanks to the new programmers :) I noticed a 104-page Daily Star today :O Is there anything about NoobFeed in that ?

    Posted Feb 24, 2010

  • a) If I grab a coffee, I need to grab a ciggy as well, something that I've quit since last August (17th to exact, the day we lost 2-1 from Tottenham). So for now, I'd just grab a cup of tea

    b) Congrats to Domen for his promotion. I'm sure he's ready to prove your move right.

    c) I know the risk I'm taking to sound very repetitive but please do your best, whatever is necessary to make the forums load the way all the other forums in the net load The rest of the site runs quite smoothly.

    d) I'm waiting to put my hands on the Game Database when it gets implemented.

    e) I concur to what Bruno said. It will be a delight to everyone if we see copies of the published articles.

    Posted Feb 24, 2010

  • Your blogs are turning into update blogs day by day. No more sweet talking. But I like them :)

    Many congrats to @Domen for being selected as our new CM. I wish him all the success :)

    @FetusZero is also an wonderful person. I love reading his blogs. Never thought of a coffee with it though. But the idea isn't really bad.

    Posted Feb 24, 2010

  • @biZZy : I don't think Ron has meant that the optimization work is done.  As far as I know it's still on going. Lucky you that the forum has got faster for you.

    Posted Feb 24, 2010

  • wow thats freaking amazing u really did some amazing stuff there... thanks for the great update , and congratz domen, and whatever u do guys we remember we always got ur back!

    Posted Feb 24, 2010

  • Awesome update Ron :) It's sad to see serbsta leave, but congrats and good luck to Domen for being the new community manager. And with the good news I've been hearing about him regarding our advertisments, we'll be picking up more momentum than we are right now. I wish you the best of luck man :) I should actually visit the forums more often, shame on me.


    Yeah a lot of things are picking up in the site now, and I'm happy that we're improving as a site. It would be nice to check out the games database section, but it's going to take me a while to get used to the new features. Hey, if anyone's willing to walk me through, feel free.

    Posted Feb 24, 2010

  • Hi Mr.CEO, you've received a promotion, you were Mr.Administrator dude, remenber? I am still waiting for my fuel...

    Posted Feb 24, 2010

  • lol tryna catch my interest uh ;p

    I've been here all along though, hiding. I got back from work about an hour ago (it's 1:23am right now) and am just sitting, listening to Infected Mushroom and wondering what to do. Sorry for the long absence of blogs and reviews. I do have a review started though, I just never finished it! With my work times and how bad it's been going within the actual gaming business, I hardly feel like writing. Promise that I'll be back with something big though :]

    But thanks for mentioning me and for all the nice things you say! Thanks for this great blog filled with good news too, I never knew about NoobFeed and Daily Star.. now if only I knew what Daily Star was 0.o I'll have to look it up. Kind of normal though since it's a local english newspaper and I live in Quebec lol. NoobFeed is definitely growing and is doing it in a good way, I'm glad I can be here with all of this community while it happens.

    Thanks to the people who also mentioned me in a comment :]

    Posted Feb 25, 2010

  • I like FetusZero. I will marry him someday in future :P Congrats to our new Manager :)

    Posted Feb 25, 2010

  • @Tanya : I know that the optimization isn't done yet But you can optimize by yourself if you know the tricks. Forum is faster for me cause I made it for me In fact I mentioned the tip in one of my last blogs. You might have missed.

    @Xiao : lol will we be invited ?

    Posted Feb 25, 2010

  • @Xiao :

    lol Glad to know it before hand ;D

    Posted Feb 27, 2010

  • @RON very nice blog :) Congrats to Domen

    Thanks for the updates. We are glad that forum is going faster. Feeling good to know about Daily Star and Plug and Play. I wish NoobFeed all the best. 

    @FetusZero I like him too :P But Xiao is coming on my way :O

     Finally @RON BTW where is Coffee??? Am having its smell though :P 

    Posted Feb 28, 2010

  • wow FetusZero is having a time of his life lol!!!!

    Posted Feb 28, 2010

  • 60% faster? That's great news :D

    Posted Feb 28, 2010

  • Great stuff, I've also got some things to talk about in my own blog.

    Posted Mar 02, 2010

  • Good to hear that it will become a bit faster ;)

    The loading times have been verry annoying.

    And good to see domen in this staff ;)

    Thanks for the update

    Although I read it a little late.

    Posted Mar 03, 2010

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