Hello Fellow NoobFeeder's!!!

By eyefire, Posted 02 May 2010

as always, ive been MIA for quite some time.  im a busy man and dont have a much time to converse w/ my friends here so i apologize for that... my blog today will be a short one.  just to let you all know im starting FF13 tonight.  i am sure it will be a long journey... its the first console FF ive played since FF8.  i am looking forward to the adventure... i will keep you all updated w/ my progress.  any one else play this yet?

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  • Nice to hear from you again. How’s your mission work going?

    Enjoy the game :)

    Posted May 02, 2010

  • Welcome back mate. I hope you enjoy playing FF13 :)

    Posted May 02, 2010

  • I honestly thought that you died in Iraq :(

    Posted May 04, 2010

  • @ Tanya - Work is going good.  Can't wait to really dig into this game!

    @ Xiao - Why would you think that?  I have been back from Iraq for almost 2 years now!!!

    Posted May 05, 2010

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