out w/ the old - in w/ the new

By eyefire, Posted 19 May 2010

hate to say it, but i was a bit disappointed with final fantasy 13.  i played it for a while, but it was just too different than what i am used to when it comes to final fantasy games.  the game was gorgeous in a visual sense, but lacked what i needed as far as game play.... way too linear for me!  i guess most of what i missed was the exploration... so i took my disappointment down to gamestop today and traded it in for Alan Wake.  i will start it tonight or possibly tomorrow.  as always, i will report back here my findings and possibly a review.  i hope all of you are well!

till then, game on!

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  • Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy the game. I hope you'll like Alan Wake.

    Posted May 19, 2010

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