My first review on Noobfeed

By Darky, Posted 22 Mar 2009

 So guys & girls, as I promised before, that I would post a review exclusively on Noobfeed, so I did it. FEAR 2- Project Origin review, fresh out from the oven! :P I'd like you to check it out & tell me what you think about it. And also, those of you who have read my previous reviews, I'd have a question for you: Have I improved my skills? Cause, i haven't reviewed in quite some time & this time I tried a slightly different approach. :P

 thanks :D

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  • Very nice. Will read :)

    Posted Mar 22, 2009
  • ok thanks, I appreciate it :)

    Posted Mar 22, 2009
  • I left you a comment on the review page. Btw , you should do the other reviews in the same manner , you really did an outstanding job with this one :D

    Posted Mar 22, 2009
  • thanks a lot buddy, will do so :D

    Posted Mar 22, 2009
  • On my way to read it.

    Posted Mar 22, 2009
  • avatar RON

    comment made :)

    Posted Mar 23, 2009
  • will check it out mate. :)

    Posted Mar 24, 2009
  • I commented on the review itself a little while ago, if I remember correctly.

    Posted Apr 04, 2009

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