Time to leave...

By Warhawk, Posted 06 Jun 2010

That's right. This profile is going become part of the eternity and I promise that I won't use it again. You have my word. If I want to show any disapoinment with anything site related, I'll use my main profile. In the end, I'll share why this profile was created.


I thought about creating an alternative account just to have fun with the NF community. All of my joke blogs, forum posts and blog comments were just for that purpose. All, until a few days ago... But it has become a necessity to show that I am not happy with some recent "revelations" and I used it to show my disaproval.


People aren't perfect, and I have made a mistake, I'll try my best to regain the loyalty of the ones that once trusted me.  I'll keep helping the site grow the best way I can.


For the ones that knows my true username, I would humble ask to not reveal it.

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  • You have another account here

    Posted Jun 06, 2010

  • I think I know who this is. No wonder you didn't post very often.

    Posted Jun 06, 2010

  • I can't even guess :S

    Posted Jun 07, 2010

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