Valkryia Chronicles Review

By King, Posted 07 Jun 2010

I know some of you don't check the review tab often, so I'll post the link up in the blog since you guys are the ones who persuaded me to buy the game. Here it is, the Valkyria Chronicles Review.


Also since the Noobfeed writing system is going through some changes, expect to see News and Previews by me.

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  • I saw you a few times playing the game at PSN, so it was just a matter of time until you review it. :)

    Posted Jun 07, 2010

  • On my way to the review.

    Posted Jun 08, 2010

  • Previews by you will probably be the most awesome thing. Will read that review tomorrow. Right now my plan is to invade the forum

    Posted Jun 08, 2010

  • @Sleven : Things have been kind of slow on the forums lately, so hopefully you'll give me a little to reply to.

    Posted Jun 08, 2010

  • Can't wait to see previews. Read your review, greatly written. I need to find my copy of the game. Since I have a PS3 now, I can start that game over and finish it.

    Posted Jun 09, 2010

  • Great review, I left my mark in your comments ;p

    Posted Jun 09, 2010

  • @King : What a luck. The moment forum loaded for me, I lost my internet connection. I got it back today. So hopefully I'll look for your posts. I guess I already wrote you about Obama.

    Anyway, just read that review of yours. I'm starting to become your fan. I mean it.

    Posted Jun 11, 2010

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