need for speed most wanted

By bighand, Posted 27 Mar 2009

i love this game its intence and fun to play but there is just one thing i dont like about it is that when your going at lest 200 MPH and run in the back of the cop car its the same as if you hit a wall thats just not right in any car game your car should be flipping and his car should be wrecked

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  • Great game, the last decent one of the series IMO.

    Posted Mar 27, 2009
  • It still is very good game. Undercover isn't bad either, but I have to agree with Ilias.

    Posted Mar 28, 2009
  • avatar RON

    NFS is a great game no doubt about it. but, the point you've mentioned is actually implemented in one of its games. i can't remember the name atm. the point is it's boring to watch your car is flipping on the air/road and killing time. yes, it's unrealistic. but still; it's just a game afterall.

    Posted Mar 28, 2009
  • Yeah, not enough games like this encoporate real damage physics.

    Posted Mar 30, 2009

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