By 2ndWonder, Posted 08 Jul 2010

Sorries about not blogging or posting much, been working, playing games and hanging out with friends.
There isn't much time left in the day when you do all of those. =P

I did buy a lot of games lately, here's what I bought in the past month (from June 8th til July 8th):

A Wii Console

Super Smash Bros Brawl
Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii)
Wii Sports Resorts (Wii)
Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)
Sin and Punishment 2 (Wii)

Trinity Universe (PS3)
Last Rebellion (PS3)
And a game from the psn store, but I forgot the name of it. =P

Lost Planet 2 (Xbox 360)

It's too bad none you guys live near me :( or else you guys could help me beat all of these games. =P

So how's everyone been?

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  • Welcome back mate :D Those are some great games. Where do you live? We must have someone near you since last month there were visits from 52 different countries.

    I'm doing ok. Just a little disturbed for some personal matters. But everything else is going good. Just unlocked my very first E3 emblem too :D

    Posted Jul 08, 2010

  • Muramasa and Sin and Punishment 2 are great games. :)


    Just curious, are you the same 2ndWonder from Gamespot as well? :)

    Posted Jul 08, 2010

  • Not sure if reason is good enough 

    Posted Jul 08, 2010

  • Me good thanku thanku!! Thats a long list of games you got. Ah! Super Smash Bros Brawl. Reminds me of my dorm life!!

    Posted Jul 08, 2010

  • Good to see you again. I'm also overloaded with games right now from all the sales Movie Gallery was having for their Going Out of Business sales. Is your Wii online? We could play some Brawl together.

    Posted Jul 09, 2010

  • Welcome back. You have brought us good luck since today E32010 emblem has been given :D Are you planning to write any reviews on those games?

    Posted Jul 09, 2010

  • Trinity Universe is a beautiful game :D

    Posted Jul 10, 2010

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