Hello boys and girls, the 2 weeks vacation to Greecewent flying by and I’m now trying to get back into the normal live. The vacation was great, Kos-city is a very nice town on a cool island. In the summer it is mostly a place for youngsters who just come to Kosto sleep and go out. Because I went with my girlfriend we did it a little bit different. Of course we also went out but we also did some other cool things.


On the second day we went to Libido Water Park, which is the only water park on the island. It has some very nice pools and slides and was definitely worth it. Pity I don’t have any pictures of it because we didn’t want to bring the camera to the park. The day after the water park we rented a scooter and explored whole Kos. This was a great day. Firstly we went to Therme. Therme is warm water source in the sea. It was very special and very hot! I don’t know how it was exactly but it was a spot in the sea against the shore that was very hot, some water comes down from a small nearby mountain. The water was over 40 degrees, which is very hot. The Greek believe that the water from Therme is good for the skin and for the rest of the human body. Well, I had my knee under water a lot of the time so I hope it helps to make it better. Here is a picture of Therme.


After Therme we went to Tigaki, a place on the island that offers the best beaches of the island. When we came there we were a little disappointed, it was nice, but nothing more than the beachof Kos-town. Then we went to a place called Pili, the place has sort of a big rock with 6 water sinks. The Greek say that when you drink from the sinks clockwise you get pregnant within 9 months and if you drink them counter-clockwise you will divorce within 9 months. My girlfriend drank water clockwise and I did it the other way, just for fun. The Greek have a lot of these things were they believe something will happen if you do something, very superstitious. Here is a pic of the sinks.


The scooter day was a great one and we saw the hot-spots of the whole island in one day. Of course we didn’t do a big activity like this every day. Kos-town also had enough to offer. The centre of the town is a very busy place with many shops, restaurants and bars. The Barstreet is where everything happens at night. The Barstreet is actually two streets which are only 50 meters long or something but it offers all the clubs of the town. I think there were around 14 clubs in the two streets. During the day you wouldn’t even notice the street because it is empty. At night it is very crowded. There are mostly Dutch, English and Scandinavian people in Kos. Barstreet during the day:


In the second week we went to Nisyros. Nisyros is a volcano-island. On the island live 990 people. It has one docter and 14 families live at the top of a mountain at 600 meter. The whole island is the volcano but we went to the crater of the volcano. This was very cool but also unbelievably hot, we walked in the crater where it was around 50 degrees! It was very cool to see. The capital of the island is Mandraki which really shows the way the Greek live and it was nice to see. Also on this island we saw the superstition of the Greek. In Mandraki is a stairs of 128 steps. It is said that if woman walk the stairs on their bare knees it will help them get pregnant. Because my knee isn’t the best I decided to take the stairs normally and that took some time already.


We also did some other smaller things like cocktail drinking (a lot), going to the beach, riding the banana in the sea, visited the tree of Hipocrates and doing some cultural stuff. Although it was very nice on Kos there also were some very unusual things which aren’t imaginable here in Holland. For example there are many homeless cats and dogs in Greece. They just wander the streets. This was very strange to see because that’s something you don’t see here. I was happy to see the animals got a lot of attention from the tourists. Also there were quite some baggers who are sadly sitting on the ground asking tourists for money because they have a bad foot, 3 babies, no home or some other thing. There was a kind of gipsy who sat outside the Barstreet every night with 2 babies. She sat there the whole night. I feel sorry for the babies. Also there were a lot of young kids, around 8 years old, who walk through the Barstreet every night trying to sell stuff to the tourists. They sold roses, glow armlets and hats. It was strange to see these very young kids work hours every night.

But apart from these unusual things the vacation was great and I already miss the island. But it’s also nice to be back in Holland. I even missed the bad weather sometimes. On Kos it was 38 degrees every day. Also it’s nice to be back on the internet and NoobFeed again. See you on the forums!


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  • Welcome back mate :D This is a blog that'd make anyone jealous. It really sounds like a great tour. LOL for the Pili part. I hope it turns out to be a fun only :lol

    Posted Jul 29, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Now that's what I call a great trip. Good to hear that you've enjoyed every bit of it. Nisyros sounds like a place I'd really love to visit someday.

    Not sure how many homeless cats and dogs you've seen in Greece, but if you ever get a chance to visit my city; you will probably think all the homeless cats and dogs were pushed into our border.

    Posted Jul 29, 2010

  • This place looks awesome. I want to go. Actually, there's a ton of places I want to visit that I probably never will. :( Glad to hear you had a good time, though. 

    Posted Jul 30, 2010

  • Cute couple, and that looked like a fantastic holiday. JEALOUS!

    Posted Jul 30, 2010

  • I was waiting for this blog. I saw few photos at the facebook and I knew it was coming :D A great vacation you had Stefan. The bottom part of the blog tells the picture of my city which I'm really surprised to read. I never guessed there could be beggars and homeless cats and dogs in Greece.

    Posted Jul 30, 2010

  • SvV_Ying : I loled when you said you drank water counter clockwise. That volcano trip reminds me of my trip to Rotarua in New Zealand. The only thing I could not stand is the smell of sulfur. Now I really want to go to Greece. Its one of the few European countries I haven't been yet. Nice couple btw!!!

    Posted Jul 31, 2010

  • @Sleven : Thanks. I hope it's only for fun to. But after two days I noticed we started arguing more:lol

    @RON : I didn't know there are so many countries with homeless cats and dogs. I've almost never seen it here so for me it's quite unusual.

    @King & @fishdalf : thanks.

    @Tanya : I didn't thought that either. But maybe it was just the island of Kos. I don't know about the rest of Greece. Where is Ilias when you need him

    @Koshai : The smell was horrible indeed. Really bad, I had a cough when I returned to Kos.

    Posted Jul 31, 2010

  • The affect has started its work. What's the current situation :P

    Posted Aug 02, 2010

  • Sooooo, I finally made it here :P Right, let's see...

    a) You did come across with our fairytales and us being supersticious. I guess you now understand why I strongly insisted you to leave for your holidays in Kos AFTER the World Cup final :P Anyway, most of them are used to symbolize/emphasize something. However, what is said for these paricular hot waters in Thermi are true. I'm sure you mostly saw old people there, because they tend to have problems with their bones. At any case, I'm sure you felt a bit better while staying in there. How long did you let your leg inside?

    b) Glad to hear that you visited the Tree of Hippocrates. For the record and for those who don't know, he was THE doctor at his time. All the basics in terms of human health started with him :) A truly great man.

    c) I see you took my advice and visited Nisyros, lovely small island isn't it? :) I have a strange connection with this island, as I've visited it in both my "ups" and "downs" and in both cases made me clear my mind and take some important decisions which I'm afraid I cannot share with all of you here. I'm sure you liked the people and I see that you had a very close encounter with the volcano's "lovely" smell too :lol

    d) I'm also honestly satisfied after reading that you were surprised by the numerous animals on the streets and the little kids having to beg or sell flowers very late at night. It's something I too despise but as much as I hate saying, it's something that I eventually learn to live with.

    I hope and believe that you got a very good "smell" of Hellas my dear friend, that you got a little more Greek in you and hopefully you will visit us soon again :)

    P.S. Good job on beating PAOK :)

    Posted Aug 06, 2010

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