Sorry for my absence

By DarkXWolf, Posted 09 Aug 2010

Hey everyone I haven't been here for a long time and that's because I had so many problems with my computer. However during the last two days my computer was brought back to me all fixed up so it works better than ever :). Hope all of you understand and as for blogs I might copy and paste blogs that I made on my GameTrailers profile like the reviews and rants I made.

So once again I'm back and hopefully I can help out the site get some activity. :)

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  • No worries, just be regilar from now :)

    Posted Aug 09, 2010

  • Welcome back. :)

    Posted Aug 09, 2010

  • I too copy and paste blogs time to time. It's not a big deal imp :P Welcome back mate. Good to know that you've got your computer fixed :)

    Posted Aug 09, 2010

  • Will I see you in the forums from now? :D 

    Posted Aug 09, 2010

  • Welcome back. I hate not having a PC when it goes in for repairs.

    Posted Aug 09, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Invite few of your good friends from GameTrailers here some time. And, if there are features that you think we should add to make our site more homely for you, feel free to suggest us :)

    Posted Aug 09, 2010

  • Good thing about your computer, hate it when the have problems.

    Posted Aug 09, 2010

  • Welcome back :D

    Posted Aug 10, 2010

  • That's what we like to hear.

    Posted Aug 10, 2010

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