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Hey everyone today on my blog I will be ranting about immature and stupid teens. Now before I begin most of you should know I'm a teen myself but seeing teens that think they get can away with anything and act ignorant makes calm teens like me look bad. Let's move on to the rant. Again, please note that I do NOT mean to offend anyone while making this blog.

I seen most teens these days acting like wannabes and desperate for attention at my high school and it's pretty disappointing. Some of them bother me by talking all wannabe gangster and not only that but they talk about the stupid media that they see and that includes MTV. I already know for a fact that MTV shows like Jersey Shore which is the worst piece of garbage I ever seen. It's stupid, it's about these grown up people that act like douchebags and little kids heck they don't have the personality of an adult. That explains why those teens act like them, they are being brainwashed folks. It really disappoints me that teens these days are getting way too sucked into the media that it affects the way they act and it will lead them to a terrible feature. The media is not the only thing affecting them but it's their friends as well.
Not only have I seen these teens in person but I also seen them in shows like Maury. I watch the show occasionally and I see these teen girls that disrespect their moms and others. Not only do they do that but they want to have sex with guys to get pregnant.. are you that ignorant? Taking care of a baby is NOT easy whatsoever so they learn the hard way. I also seen an episode when there was an actual immature teen couple. That's right a guy and girl appeared on the show. It seems that the girl is one year older than the boy and the girl taught the guy about sex and all the negative stuff that will affect his life.
Moving on, these teens don't make the right decisions and I'm not gonna lie but I do have a few friends that do drugs and other stupid things. I try to reason with them on how it's going to affect them but they don't listen, they still continue to do them. I'm getting the feeling that I shouldn't even be friends with people who do that kind of stuff that will soon get them in trouble in the future.
(Can't include pic since I don't know how on here on NF.)
Overall, most teens these days are just dumb and don't make the right decisions. They bother people and there are some things to blame for their stupidity. One would be their parents, second would be the media, and third is their friends and the people that tell them bad decisions on life.
That wraps up my blog and I have a question for all of you. Have you ever been annoyed by how immature and stupid these teens are acting?
In other news I have made a YouTube account sometime ago, my username is DarkXWolf14 instead of 12 is 14 since I made a mistake and deleted the account with the 12. Here is the link to my channel and btw I also made a video explaining what kind of videos I will be making in the future.
Also I'm lonely on my YouTube channel so if you have a YouTube account you may add me as a friend there. :)
Well that about wraps up my blog, I might do another rant on Twilight again or something. Maybe a review but I'm still not sure what I'm going to blog about next. Till the next blog. Latez.
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  • Seems like you are into a war against the teen culture these days. True it is pretty sad indeed that what is happening nowadays. Those shows you mentioned are horrible. Maury is beyond horrible. Although I am an adult and didnt passed through the teen days like you are doing now, there are still some plus points that you need to figure out in this era and maybe you can set an example for others that your teen era stands out. Btw what is wrong with MTV? Full of stupid reality shows and no music clips, which the MTV is based on. MTV already gotten out from its roots.

    Posted Aug 10, 2010

  • I completely agree with you. I'm also a teenage like you and I'm shocked daily by the lack of respect children have for other people, their parents, teachers etc. And to make matters worse the media is approving this kind of behaviour.


    Looking forward to you rant on Twilight...

    Posted Aug 11, 2010

  • I agree with you on teenagers, I kinda feel the same way. And I've hated my high school.

    Posted Aug 11, 2010

  • Maybe that's why the term teen used. Let them do all the stupidity until they grow up. Which includes me too :P

    Posted Aug 13, 2010

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