First Blog ever.

By jumpman, Posted 17 Aug 2010

Well, this is the first time ive ever started a blog. Well, im hopeing to meet new people here and talk to other people who are on here who enjoy playing games as much as i do, anyways i just joined this site and so far it looks like a pritty nice community. I hope i'll enjoy my stay here. :)

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  • And here's hoping it's a long stay.

    What games you been playing?

    Posted Aug 17, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Thanks for joining Tyler :)

    Posted Aug 17, 2010

  • Welcome here :D

    Posted Aug 17, 2010

  • Welcome,

    Posted Aug 17, 2010

  • Welcome to NoobFeed mate :D It IS a pretty nice community. Stay for while and you will love this place :D

    Posted Aug 17, 2010

  • Welcome to the community :)

    Posted Aug 17, 2010

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    Hey I like the new banner. Just need time to get used to. Hope that you all are doing well. Blessings of March on the way!


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