Catalyst 10.8 Good Or Bad?

By patrickjc, Posted 27 Aug 2010

Today i just updated my HD 5770 with driver version 10.8 and also downloaded and installed the CAP 10.8a which can be found here..

Are any of you guys having problem with the updated driver?

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  • Sorry mate, I have no idea about HD stuff. But @FetusZero does. Wait till he notices your blog :)

    As far as my knowledge says, updating a driver never causes any trouble.

    Posted Aug 27, 2010

  • I'm with Sleven this time.

    Posted Aug 28, 2010

  • alright.. thanks.. will wait till fetus see's this..

    Posted Aug 28, 2010

  • Good graphics card. I have a similar one but little backdated. I don't think updating the driver will cause any trouble because I did that too.

    Posted Aug 28, 2010

  • I have an HD5850 (Sapphire Toxic), no issues here on my part. I still have some artifacts when running 2D flash stuff, like YouTube videos, but it only appears for around half a second where the screen flickers. Otherwise I have CCC 10.8 and Hydravision 10.8 installed with no issues.

    Aren't the Catalyst Application Profiles for CrossFire use only? If you don't have a CrossFire setup, try to remove the CAP 10.8a and only keep the CCC 10.8 suit, see if that resolves any issue.

    Otherwise let us know exactly what kind of issues you're having, a thorough search on the AMD forums might help as well.

    Posted Aug 29, 2010

  • There you go. Our hardware genius has replied :D

    Posted Aug 29, 2010

  • lol.. i didn't actually knew the cap was only for cf users.. watever.. i'll try and uninstall it.. i got some really bad fps in some games after the update.. thanks for the comments..

    Posted Aug 31, 2010

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