Hey n00bs!

By The_Icon, Posted 07 Sep 2010

Hi guys. My name is Adnan Ahmed, I am from Bangladesh and I am a hardcore gamer. I used to hang out in GameSpot a lot, met really cool friends over there and still stay in touch with them. Over the years something happened, the site became crazy and banned a lot of my good friends for nothing.

So, with the request of my good friend Amaya, I will try to start a new journey here. If you guys want to know about me, just go to profile info, or better yet just ask :) I game mostly on the PS3 and sometimes on the PC. Some of my favorite studios are Rockstar Games, Naughty Dog, and Sony Santa Monica. I would love to know more about you guys. Just hit the comments below.

BTW, I am anything but a n00B!

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  • Welcome to NoobFeed Adnan :D If you were into GS my may see some familiar faces around. One of the admins of this site is from Bangladesh too and few other fine members. We too have a lot of PS3 gamers around and best thing is that our gaming nights are PS3 based ;)

    And, until you pass the level 1, we'll still consider you as a noob :P

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • I am level 2 already, lol.

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • Thanks for joining :D Rockstar Games is the best. Whatever they touch becomes a STAR. Ofcourse you aren't a noob, you are an enlightened noob :P

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • welcome to noobfeed, enjoy! :D

    Posted Sep 07, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Welcome here Adnan :)

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • Thanks alot, pleased to meet all of you.

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • Welcome to NoobFeed :D

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • oye!! welcome welcome!! nice to meet you!

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • Wow! another User from BD? Welcome Adnan & good job Amaya :)

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • Welcome to Noobfeed, thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy your stay here. I was once a long time GS user as well. :P

    Posted Sep 07, 2010

  • Hey, glad to have you here! You'll come to find out that there are several other people from GS here :P.

    Posted Sep 08, 2010

  • Nice to meet all of you!

    Posted Sep 08, 2010

  • Looking forward to see you around mate.

    Posted Sep 08, 2010

  • Who you calling a noob eh?  Better be careful around here, before we go woop-ass on you. 


    I'm just kidding with you, nice to see you around. :) If you drop by OT sometime, you probably find me there. 

    Posted Sep 11, 2010

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