When Sony and Microsoft announced that they will release small digital games for their respective platforms, I was one of those people who saw the potential, but really wasn’t intrigued by the idea.



I didn’t feel comfortable purchasing something that is not tangible which I cannot actually hold it on my hand, unlike a DVD or a Blu-ray. I also questioned the value of the digital games: While traditional games have a fixed value of 50$-60$, digital games vary wildly and I always questioned whether I will be getting the proper value for my buck. Sure all the cool kids where doing it, but I don’t get easily swayed just like that.  So I was on the fence and didn’t buy anything from PlayStation Network, until this year.


Why the change of heart? Well for starters I didn’t realize the opportunity digital distribution gives to the developers. Because the game can be any size, developers can actually take risks and try something new and innovative. If it fails, the loss is minimal and if it succeeds then the developer can take the experience and make a bigger game on Disc or a more refined game via online. It’s the perfect way to collaborate between the consumers and ‘ask’ them what they like and what they don’t.  Digital Distribution is the way to go to achieve innovation without much risk.


The cost plays a huge part, services like Xbox Live Arcade and PSN allows small time developers aka Indie Developers who cannot make huge budget makes but can make small games and eventually grow. Also perhaps the best thing about attracting Indie developers is that they are not horse fed by any mega corporation who dictates what should and should not be done. Being Free from the shackles of corporate muscle, it gives a lot of flexibility and character to the games which cannot be found in big budget games found on disc.


I myself spent like 25$ on a digital avatar in PlayStation Home as my friends insisted. I also got DeathSpank just today, played the demo, loved it and perhaps without digital distribution, it would never been possible.

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  • Glad you are branching out, it's always a good thing to do with gaming to keep things new and interesting. I have plans for getting more active in that area in the future, but for now I have more than I can handle on the gaming side. There's definitely no shortage of good games out there though, whether it's digital or disc there is plenty of entertainment to be found. :)

    Posted Sep 20, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Its future depends on the quality of games they publish. We are used to playing the traditional games for many years. These so called digital games need to come up with reasonable packages and solid amusement.

    Posted Sep 20, 2010

  • Nice blog mate. For me, I'm simply happy with the regular games.

    Posted Sep 20, 2010

  • Whether its liked or not, the future of Gaming in general will be Digital. I do see the near future where Net will be cheap and every household will have it.  Fast net connections will mean that data distribution will be mostly efficient and possible. downloading an 16gig game freshly released will be a norm. The world is evolving into a completely Digital World (yes, Agumon and Patamon will soon be walking the streets) and soon physical things will only be on a special order basis in my opinion. (ooo..that sparked a blog thought) 

    Point is, sadly, digital is the way to go. Ofcourse it would be a blessing for people like me who live in a country where gaming stuff is priced 3 times its normal price and thus because of that we are forced to kinda import all our games. but im not complaining.


    Awesome blog though

    Posted Sep 20, 2010

  • Digital games will be a sort of revolution. Blizzard is selling their games digitally. I bought Amnesia and Secret of Moneky Island series package at reasonable price from Steam and I am thinking of buying Civ 5 the same way coz there is a issue here in US that physical copy of Civ 5 got out of stock on the first day.

    Posted Sep 22, 2010

  • Digital distribution of games is without a doubt the way of the future.

    Posted Oct 01, 2010

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