Games are alot expensive than they used to be. New titles range from 50$ to 60$, we cant all buy all the games we want. A good practice is to wait for the reviews to hit, well... atleast it was.


As of late, I am really feeling that the reviews are way way off the mark. Like games that to you should have been a 9 ends up getting 7s or even 6 from various online pulbications while vice versa is also true.

Like this game Castlevania Lords of Shadow I am getting for the PS3 next week, the reviews are mostly a solid 9, but 2 major publications like gamespot and IGN both game a disappointing score fo 7.5/10 for the game. I made up my mind to get the game for a while now, but have the reviews changed anything? Absolutely not.

Remember reviews are just a guideline, even more its just one man's opinion. The only review you should trust is your's own. Don't let a review decide what game to get, if you feel good about a game, get it.

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  • Reviews varies writer to writer and gamer to gamer. Because it's just one person's view. Those who writes for sites where we go and look for recommendations, they need to be really fair and not personal about their opinions. I trust IGN reviews and even f GS becomes the last gaming site of this world, I'd rather not read their biased reviews.

    I hope you enjoy Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

    Posted Oct 01, 2010

  • yes, but sometimes they are highly influencial. i for one had bowed to never allow a review to affect on whether i play a game or not. and i have followed that always. ofcourse, like i said they are very influencial. for example, i have been playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep recently. Sad to say, the game was highly dissapointing to me because i saw things that i didnt agree on (i wont improvise to spare you all the spoilers) but i was highly disappointed with the story and other factors in the game and couldnt figure out why and how all these sites gave it such praises at that magical 9 and above....thankfully, last nigth after beating the game i realized this reason. so long story short, i was about to stop playing the game if it werent that my curiousity was extremely sparked by all these wonderfull reviews.


    and tonight, i begin part 2 of my 4 part play through the game :P

    Posted Oct 01, 2010

  • reviews are nothing but opinions. reviewers get paid to describe the game as well as they can so you can make your mind.

    Posted Oct 01, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Reviews mostly contact both positive and negative comments. Now it depends on what you pick from it. From my personal view, I have some selected reviews who's opinion I follow with my eyes closed. If you are following reviews then it's important to know whether the reviewer has the same taste of gaming as you do.

    Posted Oct 01, 2010

  • I've never been a big fan of official reviews and have never used one to decide whether to get the game or not. I just do a little research, check out a few user reviews and some footage on the game and decide for myself. I know what I like by now and don't really need anyone to say otherwise. I've also always trusted user reviews over people that are paid to do reviews, I just don't trust them not to be biased, after a few games I thought were really good were also rated really low.

    Posted Oct 01, 2010

  • In my town games were always cheap. I don't care what the reviews says. If I like the cover, I play it :D

    Posted Oct 02, 2010

  • @The_Icon : well you need to combine some info facts:

    1. Official Review from many sites

    2. User Review from everywhere

    3. Play the demo yourself

    Summarize everything and you come to conclusion.

    Posted Oct 03, 2010

  • Your blog title caught my attention. I always found GameSpot and IGN to be two of the worst websites on which to base an opinion for reviews. On the other hand, GameTrailers is usually pretty good at it and go into a lot of details, perhaps even too much to be spoiler-free lol. But then again, after watching a GT review you know what the game is and will easily know if it falls within your range. It surely isn't something to base yourself off of, but they still do a good job at actually showing you the many facets of a game.

    However, I actually never check reviews unless I'm curious. They've never changed my opinion either for the few times I actually pay attention to them. But yeah, since I'm a QA Tester, I actually do check the reviews for the projects I worked on, but that's pretty much as far as it goes.

    Posted Oct 04, 2010

  • Sometime it depends. A bad game can be liked by you and even a good game otherwise. So it's always wise to play the demo or beta first. $60 isn't a small deal for a game.

    Posted Oct 06, 2010

  • @Sleven









    Thank you all for your feedback guys. From now on I will also pay attention to players reviews aswell before i make up my mind. Thanks again!

    Posted Oct 10, 2010

  • You are welcome :)

    Posted Oct 11, 2010

  • any time :)

    Posted Oct 11, 2010

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