By Yaoi, Posted 04 Nov 2010

(I have been guilted back here by a certain some one *pokepoke* and I will try to be active here once again.)

(seemingly huge wall of text is actually like, one page on Microsoft word just very heavily spaced. dont tl;dr me. ;n;)

As most of you know, Halloween just recently passed in the United States. 


It must have been crappy-candy year because I did terribly. Not only did I only get one box of Nerds (and only because I begged this dude to trade with me...) - noooo - but I only got, like, 1/4 of the amount I usually get.


Not that I'm greedy or anything... I mean, my stupid metabolism is catching up with my age. My stomach hurts. I think it's because my skin is stretching a ton more then it ever has.

I am gaining weight and it is not fun. *muches on celery*


Oh, and going along with the Nerds stoy, y'know rhow in every box of Nerds there's one Nerd that is the oppisite color of the rest? Like, one pink Nerd in a box of purple ones, etc? Well I got a pink box of Nerds and I was dying to get to the bottom to get the super speical awesome Willy Wonka touch of the lonely purple Nerd.


BUT. It's not there. The oddly colored Nerd is yellow. My heart sank. I was so PO'd. Was that a joke? Do they even make yellow Nerds? Even now, that box sits somewhere-I-have-forgotten half-eatten.

Stupid yellow Nerds... e____e;


Also, in school-related news, I am up to my neck in schtuffs. I'm a member of the Enviormental Club, G.S.A, Science Olympics (Leader of the Forensics Team imsobrofosho ;D) and the Black Chick Stomping Dance Group (I honestly don't remember the real rame. But they were so cool last year that I had to join... and I'm the whitest person there. BUT I HAVE FUN).


My teachers are all derpyderp and I don't understand Chemistry at all. I somehow managed to get the highest grade in my AP English class with an essay I wrote at 1 a.m. in 30 minutes. Somehow, it seems all of my teachers like my writing if I do it while I'm on auto-pilot. And the teacher I have... every one who had her before said she's a crazy B (she coaches cheerleading too, go figure) but she really likes me. For no reason.


I swear, she takes my words like the Bible. I transferred there from a lower-level class and she seemed to hate me for it in the beginning (she has a "You will not get high grades in this class" policy). But whenever there's a discussion in class, she directly turns to me and asks for my opinion, where everyone else she only calls on them if they volunteer. She only got mad at me when I called her an idiot by accident and it was only a twitch in her face that showed it. But then again, I accidently hinted that I might be a serial killer in my Forensics class, so I guess nobody should take me too seriously anymore. xD


Speaking of which, my lovelylove Emma recently gave me her Steam log in and I'm downloading a ton a games I wish I could play. She needs to buy me a new video card lol. 8D;

Emmadear will also be fixing my laptop as it is acting like a hormonal female atm and stopped working for unknown reasons (not viruses, checked that up). She says she's probably going to have to reformat my harddrive, which could be devasting, but it's not like I can use the files on there any longer any way.




She also recently took up 3D modelling and is blowing my mind once again. She's currently constructing models for a few characters I made and monsters she made into a simple FPS (very, very simple) that her also-amazing brother is coding/programming by hand (he's like almost done with the whole 3 hour game. he just needs her to finish her models and we need to do voice acting. bleh)

But it is so exciting! It's also going to be a totally creepy mind-raping type of game since the basic stroyline and characters are all done by me. 8D; And her monsters are beyond creepy. WE ARE SO AWESOME, YES?


And my friend Myles has gotten surprisingly beefy lately. I saw him today for the first time in a while and ran over to him to give him a kiss, and the same time he was walking over to be. His chest. It hurt me. A lot. ;-; It was hard as rock, I swear. I was kneeled over in pain. And by the time I recovered, we were both going to be late for class so. I didn't even get a hug. So sad. ;u;


Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. Here are some things to look forward to (or at least I am...) for this month:


Nov. 10th: Assassin's Creed III Part One comic released in NA for -gasp- $3.99!

Nov. 16th: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood released on all consoles EXCEPT PC (that's Feb. something. ;-;)


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  • i've only seen boxes of nerds with 2 flavors, so i wouldn't know your pain :P

    and i'm pretty sure your english teacher does NOT like you. she's just calling you over and over so you might make a mistake at some point... i've seen teachers like this. freaking psychos, that's what they are.

    and you sure everyone here knows all the people you're talking about? :P

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

  • oh and sexy wars: halloween edition needs pics. AND I KNOW YOU TOOK PICS.

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

  • @BrunoBRS : It's an ineffable pain I tell you. ;-;

    She seems really happy whenever I answer though. She is kind of insane. Everyone is struggling in that class and she comes in after parent-teacher conferences and was all "A mother told me her daughter said you guys weren't getting challenged enough in this class so GUESS WHAT." ntm I have it first thing in the morning, with both Erin and Emma (they hate each other. It's scary being between them. ;u;) and it's just all derpy.

    I'm pretty sure they have no idea. xD

    I SAID WHEN YOU BUY ME A NEW SD CARD, MOTHER. Emma has our child-USB still. She gave me a floppy disk but it can't fit snazz on here.

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

  • what kind of person tells their parents they're "not being challenged enough"? >.> and i didn't know they hated each other. tell emma your internet friend said "late happy birthday" BTW :P

    steal the USB from her ¬¬

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

  • Sounds like you're having a fun time. :P

    Yay for Steam!

    But I'm sure the monsters can't possibly be creepier than a Creeper... right? :D

     (Look up Creeper on the Minecraft wiki if you don't know)

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

  • So you are technically a game developer now :D I never hard Nerds candy. I wonder how good it tastes. According to your description it must be a special candy. oh reformatting your hard drive isn't anything bad. You just have to keep all the back up and that's it. I must have got bad sector or something in your drives.

    And, whoever guided you here again deserves a pack of purple nerds :P

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

  • Never had nerds candy so I cant tell!! I can see there are some game developers here in NF!!! Very interesting!! Can you please  teach me some stuff coz I am so interested in this area?

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

  • Wow, you have a fun blog! I don't know HOW I've been missing it! The celery is a great negative calorie snack, and much better than a 200 cal protein bar.I'm thrilled to have the 'inside' on the Nerds -  I didn't know that! I ate as I wished until my late 20s, when my metabolism shut off. But, that's guy stuff.

    Posted Nov 04, 2010

  • @DeltaX @Sleven @Koshai @stitch321


    DeltaX : Have you ever seen a decapitated head missing it's eyes balls? Have you ever seen one that gets around via giant spider legs? How about adding a really long tongue with a head of it's own? That is one of the smaller monsters in this game. ;P

    Sleven: They're like... colored chunks of sugar. Just like every other Willy Wonka candy. xD

    That's actually the issue; every file in my computer locked itself and won't unlock. If that wasn't the problem then... well, I wouldn't have a problem!

    Maybe he does... but I honestly believe I should be the first one to get a new box of Nerds!

    Koshai: I'm actually just in charge of the storyboard and characters and then I do some monster designs if I'm up for it. I'm completely tech-tarded. My friend is doing all of the work with her family. |D;

    Stitch321: I'm flattered! Really. I think I ramble too much. Yeah, of that, I'm aware. All of my dude-friends always raid my fridge and then bulid muscle in like an hour off of it. I actually go to a gym to work out and I don't have that much muscle. xD

    Posted Nov 05, 2010

  • @Yaoi: Yes, yes, and yes.

    The first two were present in John Carpenter's The Thing (both the movie and videogame). The last one sounds like it came straight out of Dead Space or something. :P

    I had a box of pink Nerds and I found a Purple one. I guess that's normal.

    Posted Nov 05, 2010

  • Welcome back Yaoi. Seems like your life is full of fun now. Sorry about the purple nerds but you got a steam id. Which is better :D Our names are so similar :O

    Posted Nov 05, 2010

  • @DeltaX @Xiao

    DeltaX: Oh, derp. I hadn't, at least. xD I can promise the storyline is original! Unless someone else has a very, very twisted mind.

    Xiao: I always am~ I've though that too! "Cept yours is one syllable and mine is two?

    Posted Nov 05, 2010

  • One day someone addressed me as you and I was confused. Then he apologized. lol. It was one of the admins :P

    Posted Nov 05, 2010

  • They do make yellow nerds.  I think they're lemonade flavored...they're actually my favorite :lol  Good luck in school and all that; some of it sounds like a pain :P

    Posted Nov 05, 2010

  • Files can't lock themselves auto. It must be a Trojan. Formatting won't help much unless you break up the partition. Maybe @biZZy can give you the proper instruction. He's a master of computers.

    And, I'm really glad that you showed up :)

    Posted Nov 05, 2010

  • @Sleven : Nah, I trust Emma enough to do it. She says she'll only have to reformat it if she can't fix it. She's really good with anything invovling computer so... And they did! I think I fixed it on my own though. I still don't know why they locked (they still are, but I can access them) but it's not a problem anyways.

    Posted Nov 05, 2010

  • Sounds good to me. I hope she gets it fixed :)

    Posted Nov 06, 2010

  • Seems like a lot has happened to you lately. I'm way excited for Harry Potter as well :D

    Posted Nov 11, 2010

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