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By Knight, Posted 16 Nov 2010

Chapter 28
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                Nicole stood at her balcony, overlooking the courtyard below. The roses are now starting to bloom, the stone floors being polished, and the hanging of decorations on to the walls. Nicole has a hard time going to bed last night, knowing full well that she was going to finally take the position that her father once had. Sarwar had spoken of more stories before he retired to bed. Like the one about how her father had singlehandedly stopped at band of raiders when he was sixteen, and the time he had bested every swordsmen in the castle, only to then reject the honor of leading the army. What Nicole still did not understand is how her father, who had no noble blood, was able to take the throne after the death of his adoptive father. Sarwar said that how he did that, was something he could not say, it was something that she would have to learn and do on her own. Win the love, respect, and loyalty of the people. A soft knocking came from her bedroom door.


"Nicole, your dress is ready."


"Dress? what dress? I'm coming."


                Nicole opened the door to see Brona standing with a large voluminous dress covered in frills and small gems. It sickened her, how feminine and lady like to looked. Brona placed it on Nicole's bed then closed the door, trying to get everything ready so she could change.


"Brona, I'm not wearing that..."


"What? but Nicole, you must, it’s what your mother wore."


"I'm not taking my others position. I'm taking my Father's. I'm not wearing that."


"Then what are you going to wear? We only have about four hours until the ceremony starts. I highly recommend you hurry and put this on."


"I've an idea. Go and get some sewing supplies, i'll take care of the rest."


                Brona sighs softly then heads out in a hurry. The moment Brona is out of sight Nicole heads off down the hall, passing door after door until she gets to the large double doors of her father's room. Taking a deep breath she opens the door and slips in. The moment she enters the candles all ignite and light the room. She walks over to the dresser and glides her hand along the knob which she slowly pulls open. Inside rests black steel bracers and boots, both with gilded gold details. She gathers them and places them on the bed. She then moves over to the closet and opens it to find a large black shirt and slacks. No detail, just black as the night. She rolls them up and places them on the bed. On the night stand she notices a belt that looks to be spun of gold. Engraved along it were spells she remembered from her father’s book. She grabbed that, then picked up everything from the bed and started to head out. When she got to the door is when she noticed, her father's chest plate, cape attached. She shifted her items to her left arm then very so softly touched the plate, it was warm... How? Instead of waiting to think it over she grabbed it and took it with her. Awkwardly she rushed down the hall carrying everything she had with her to her room. As she opened the door, Brona looked up with a smile then her grin turned to shock when she noticed what was in her arms.


"Nicole, what in the world are you planning to do with all that?"


"I'm going to give myself a proper image one that my father can accept, one that will do him justice."


"But we don't have time to forge his steel on to you."


"To be honest, i don't care... i'll still wear it."


                Brona shook her head then placed everything from Nicole's hands on to the bed. Lining them up along it. As Nicole undressed Brona readied her scissors and threaded the needle. Nicole grabbed the black slacks and put them on feeling how big they were. Brona cut off a large section along each leg, shorting them to length, then hemmed them up, leaving just enough to brush her heel. Nicole then pulled the waist together and cut markings where Brona cut it nearly in half, so as to fit it to her waist. Once tightened she pulled on the shirt. A laugh slipped Brona's lips.





"It's nothing really. It's just, we don't need to shorten it. Your father had a small torso, and it seems your breasts fill up whatever length you lack. It's funny, how this shirt fits you so well already."


                Nicole smiled then looked at the armor. This was the part she was worried about. Was it going to work? Instead of arguing with herself, she grabbed the bracers and tightened them, they sat loosely on her arms. She grabbed and slipped the boots on. Her toes couldn't even reach half way in to t \he boots. She grabbed the chest place and put it on, her arms awkwardly out of the openings. Brona snapped the belt on, and worked the cape out completely. Brona stepped back and looked at her.


"You look like a fool. It's all too big for you."


"I don't care. Strap my father’s Sword on please. I need that."


                Brona lifted the sword and slipped it in to the loop to hold it. Once in place she stepped back again and shook her head. Nicole frowned slightly. She difficultly walked over to the mirror and stood. Her eye traveled along each bit of armor, cloth, and steel, she did look a fool but not any more than she would in that dress. She turned to Brona and smiled.


"I look great."


"But, Nicole, really? Don't go out like this. Wear the dress. Please?"


"Brona... I'm wearing this. You can go now. I'll be fine."


                With a heavy sigh Brona stepped out closing the door behind her. Nicole turned around back to the mirror and sighed. She had no idea who this would work but it felt right. She walked over to her bed and sat down. She put her head down and looked at the hilt of the sword. Her eyes traced each edge and with her right hand she pulled the blade free and held it up to her forehead. The cold steel pressed firmly and let a sigh go.


“Father, I wish you were here with me.”


                The sword started to vibrate in her hands and the cold steel warmed slowly. Nicole dropped the sword. As it falls to the ground the blade starts to turn a bright white. The Tip embeds itself in the floor. Nicole jumps up and steps back. As the white light brightens Nicole moves back slowly. She trips back knocking her father’s book off her bed and it falls sliding to the sword. When the touch a soft smoke envelops both blade and book, the smoke takes form of a man then fades, revealing a sprit. The face on the sprit smiles at her. Nicole throws one of the bracer at it. It sores across the room, and the sprit reacts by lifting his hand ever so slightly, stopping the bracer in mid air.


“Who, Who the hell are you.”


                The sprit only smiles and guides the bracer back to her, were it straps itself back to her arm. Then she starts to flow in mid air. In panic Nicole sends a fireball at the sprit only to watch as it stops and dissipates. She sends more of them none stop. Each on stops and the same thing happens. Nicole lifts completely up and then feels as the armor starts to move, melding, forming to her body. The armor then shines bright and she falls. When she stands up she looks at herself and noticed that everything now fits perfectly to her. Turning she noticed the sprit still smiling.


“You helped me.”






“Because it’s what I was meant to do.”


“Who are you?”


“Look at my face, and the seal on my clothing. Then when you go to your ceremony, look around the room, you’ll find out.”


                The sprit fades away and the sword returns to its former shine. Nicole lifts it, returns it to its home, then walks out the room, book in hand. As she walked down the halls, her should out, chin up, everyone turns to see her, all taking in a gasp. She smiles and smirks and each reaction. The doors to the Ceremonial room open, and Sarwar’s jaw drops when he sees her. Then she realizes who it was.



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    round start... Reeeeeady FIGHT!

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  • @Knight : Anything to make Father proud!!!!!! Blah blah blah!!!!!!! I think its hypocracy lol!!! If I ever find Nicole I will give her some bashings. Damn she is power hungry. Cmon its not a halloween party!!!!

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  • @Koshai look at it like this. She only recently learned of who her father really is. She's read his book (which is going to lead to SO many thing) and it's to set up for the real important thing. It's about time we have some real war don't you think?

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  • avatar RON

    She did the right thing.

    I'm surprised you wrote a change even when you are busy studying for the final.

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  • It's one of those chapters where you have nothing comment but wait for the next chapter.

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  • I lost track of the story. I need time to re read few chapters again

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