Ahh it's December

By deliduck, Posted 04 Dec 2010

So here I am writing a blog when I should be writing my 3 term papers which are due in a few days!

Oh well here is what I have been up to.


I have bought ALOT of  games the past little while. Mostly because of Steams last sale. I'd say I picked up around 35  new games in the last Steam sale and about 10 before that in the last few months. 

Normally I do not spend that much on games. I really don't. But with the sales... it really didn't make that much of a dent in my bank account. And really games are the only extra I buy lately anyways.

Now do I actually have time to play these games? Not really. Anytime I am playing something it seems to be Team Fortress 2 or something else for a few minutes. TF2 Has been missed these past few months I have been studying and slaving away! Though I picked the wrong time to slack off with exams just around the corner.


I'v selected my courses for the next semester and may do 4 again even though I was going to cut back to 3. One of the 4 I choose I was waitlisted so it's not guaranteed I'll get a spot anyways.

And weather wise here...it's actually gotten pretty mild again. We had a small stretch of really cold weather. Now it's sunny everyday while barely creeping into the -.

The holidays are creeping up and frankly...I don't care. I shall be doing very little this year except buying my kid presents and possibly cooking a nice meal for my someone special!

So yes I am alive. I will be more active and present as my school work ends for a bit.

Oh and I still have 4 copies of Trine sitting there looking for homes. I'll reserve them for any future noobies interested.

Oh and I leave you with a video from a band I greatly like. If I had to choose a favorite band of mine this would be among them for sure.



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  • 35 games sure is a lot, but hey, great deal. I hope you can find the time to play them all, I am sure that you can find a way to play between your studies. Enjoy your holidays with the ones that you love, that's the most important thing. 

    Posted Dec 04, 2010

  • Maybe you got addicted to buying games in Steam. They always have sales going. All most the 12 months of a year. Good luck with you papers and that special mean you are planning to prepare.

    Posted Dec 05, 2010

  • Why you like Team Fortress 2 so much? You always talk about it. Good luck with the papers

    Posted Dec 05, 2010

  • Thanks for updating us sis. It's been quite a few weeks that you were busy with study and paper works. Don't take too many gaming breaks which I know you want to :P

    Posted Dec 05, 2010

  • well on the bright side of things, your winter break is almost there :D

    Posted Dec 05, 2010

  • @deliduck : I saw your game library on Steam!!! Damn you have 72 games over there!!!

    Posted Dec 06, 2010

  • Thats a lot of games.  Good luck with your exams.


    I'll have a copy of Trine :)

    Posted Dec 07, 2010

  • Is there a special reason for the band's name?I used to chat with someone on GS that raved about them all the time. Do they have any hit songs that are overplayed on the radio? I don't know song  ~titles~ anymore like I did when i was a 'young whipper-snapper'!

    Posted Dec 08, 2010

  • @canana @Amaya @Xiao @Sleven @BrunoBRS @Koshai @bigbadsad @UserBanner


    Indeed it is a ton! I'm playing a few minutes of some of them here and there. lol. Yup I shall attempt to enjoy the holidays and the break from studies. Thanks


    LOL maybe. But I think this was one of the biggest sale weeks in the year.


    I don't know why I like it so much but I do! ;p Thanks


    It's sooo hard to not just spend a whole day gaming sometimes. :(


    YES YES YES...I am happy for that. Gaming for a few weeks I say!


    Actually it says 83 right now.. hmm. Well yes I have a lot now! :P


    I added you on steam...just need to be accepted and I'll send ya a copy.


    Special reason? hmm no don't think so. They had a CD released in North America a few years ago but all there other stuff as far as I know isen't released on this side of the world. This video is off of the one CD they released here called Withering to Death. I don't listen to the radio so I have no idea if they are ever played over it but I doubt it.

    Posted Dec 08, 2010
  • avatar RON

    You again planning to go for 4?

    Posted Dec 08, 2010

  • @RON Well It really depends on if I get the waitlisted seat in the one class or not. If I don't I'm not going to register for a 4th but if I do I'll end up having 4 yeah.


    Thing is I have to be registered in at least 3 now so my student loans will go through asap so I registered for 3 and waitlisted on the one I really wanted.

    Posted Dec 08, 2010

  • That's more like being hungry and not being able to eat anything.

    Posted Dec 08, 2010

  • Accepted :)  Thanks.

    Posted Dec 09, 2010

  • @deliduck : That is Deliduck.  No doubt about it.  Multi-tasking the whole time.  Choosing subjects, writing term papers, buying games, playing a few along the way.  Your Life is an adventure. 

    Posted Dec 10, 2010

  • ICI missed your birthday! Hope your holidays are relaxing and fun!

    Posted Dec 27, 2010

  • ...yeah, but it's almost January! Give us an update!

    Posted Dec 30, 2010

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