Dropping the Question.

By Yaoi, Posted 19 Jan 2011

It's been a while.  Don't ask what I've been doing, because I'm really not sure.

Anyway, this has been bothering me for three days. I have this... issue, of sorts, and I can't/am too afraid to look for help on my own. Anyway, here's what I wanted to ask...



In your opinion, do you think centaurs can be considered furries?


congrats, you are now gay for a half-breed.

(i swear it's the first image that came up on google. D: )


Random as shiz, question, I know, but it's been bothering me. I've been asking people on the interwebs, and even a few people in real life. I heard it's a debatable subject.

I mean, furries are people who dress up as animals, and that's as far into details I'm going to go with that, or are creatures/characters/animals that also have human-like features. Centaurs and men/women(?) with horse bodies: both human and animal features.

I'm just wondering and all... I'm reading Harry Potter and the Boring as British Humor and Suckish Un-needed Plotlines (aka Order of the Phoenix) and Firenze came in, and the question hit me. I really don't know if I'd care for either answer, but I just want to know.

It's probably a great conversation starter. Try it on a girl sometime. IDK. It sounds like the kind of pick up line you'd use to get laid. lolnonotreally.


Also, what's up with me getting random Justin Bieber stuff in the mail? I mean, honestly, that kid is okay, haters are overrated and all, but why me? It's like the mailman is Justin Bieber or something, and he's recruiting for his fanbase.

Dude, that would be hardcore. I wish Justin Bieber touched my mail. :C

But I'm pretty sure my mailman is a woman. OTL;;

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  • i think "furry" only applies to humanoid animals, and since centaurs aren't humanoid, they aren't furry.

    the entire starfox crew is furry though.


    and BTW, i forgot to mention it last time, but i really enjoyed that last conversation we had. i missed the lighthearted random talks :P

    Posted Jan 19, 2011

  • The picture reminded me of Harry Potter

    Posted Jan 19, 2011

  • @BrunoBRS : Yes, you bring up some good points. But, when Rule 34 comes into question, would it be called "yiffing"? As in, furries. If that's approperate to ask. xD;

    And they're also semi-humanoid, so I think that counts for something.

    ...Wasn't I talking about Tom Felton obnoixiously, though? I think, it was that time.

    Oh no, wait, that's all the time. shotmeplz.

    I actually don't remember what we were talking about last time. orz. pssstgetonskype.


    @CaseyD : Well it should. ;D

    Posted Jan 19, 2011

  • hmm... no. it would be bestiality, seeing as how the lower body is. and they're only humanoid from torso up because they're humans from torso up. so anything torso up is regular sex, torso down is bestiality.


    am i really having this conversation? :P


    it wasn't anything important at all, but it was fun. i don't remember either :P and sorry i missed the "please get on skype". already told you that my email box auto-checks, so it's easier if you text me. and now it's 4am and i have to sleep >.>

    Posted Jan 19, 2011

  • They seem furry to me... 

    Posted Jan 19, 2011

  • You should go see a production of the Broadway play "Cats"!

    Posted Jan 22, 2011

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