Hey guys! What's up? If by any chance you were expecting some kind of a  huge update blog, I'm sorry to say that it won't happen, that's because there isn't much to tell, so I'll just make a short summary of what's been up.

1. School's been keeping me very busy and it irritates me that it does. Failed two more exams, which means that I'll have a full autumn(with 4 failed exams so far). Hopefully, I won't fail any more next semester. As always, I learn lots of useless things that I won't be needing anytime during this lifetime, so I honestly think that(for the most part) I'm wasting my life away basically learning nothing(and failing exams that no one seems to comprehend)... Well, at least I've passed my Java programming classes and labs with flying colors and I got a praise from the teacher, saying that a student like me comes only every 2-3 years, which made me happy.

2. Life in general is boring so there isn't anything to relate. Right now I'm taking an extra week off from the uni life(even though the semester has starter already) because I just feel that the so called week of vacation went by before I even realized it(and besides I terribly hate my flat-mates so the less time I spend there, the better).


3. I've started writing an diary. Go ahead and laugh all you want! I've started writing it mainly to keep track of what I've been playing and if, by chance, anything worth the attention happened. Recently I thought that it looked kinda skimpy(don't ask how a program can look skimpy...) so I've also started mentioning what animes I've been watching. If by any chance you're also interested in writing one, I recommend Efficient Diary. It's a freeware program that contains all the things that you need to keep track of your whatnots.


4. Since the last update blog I've been playing and finishing a bunch of games and I fear their number is somewhere above 30, so to save time and space, I ain't gonna list them. If any of you are really interested in the titles I guess I can edit the blog and post them, as I don't have a full list at the moment.


5. I know most of you aren't interested in anime, so I'll just say that I saw Halo: Legends... and... it's slightly above the average. I gave it a 5.5 out of 10, which for me it's enough. Honestly speaking now, when I heard that they were going to make it under the form of short, unrelated stories, like the Animatrix, I thought that it would also end up as a fiasco. But it didn't (well, not all the stories) and that's ok. I liked the two storytelling episodes and another two(which I don't remember much), but the rest, were boring at most, if not flat-out bad/stupid, so it didn't quite catch my fancy but if you're a real Halo fan(I'm not) than I guess it could just as well be something you'll enjoy. Other than that, if you're interested in what other animes I've seen I guess you can check my profile at anime-planet (and add me there too) or you know... you can always pm me.

Right... For the blog itself... As I mentioned having some time for myself, all I wanted to do was to reorganize most the data on my HDD (and to find and delete most of the useless things that have been lying around for ages), to play some more games and to do something out of the common.

Well, for the most part the rearranging part went according to plan and also gaming went ok (though I played some mediocre games), but I still needed that something out of the ordinary. I thought a bit about it and after thinking about the possibilities I came to to the conclusion that I should buy something new for the PC (well, there aren't many things to do in this little city, so...). I checked some sites and came again to a decision: to buy a Saitek PS2700 gamepad (I don't own a gamepad so that would have been a change of pace) or a Wacom Bamboo Pen graphics tablet. As I didn't have the time or the money to get and test both I've decided to buy the graphics tablet. It's the standard only pen, no other options included version. Here are a couple of pictures:





Now I have this thingamajig for about a week now and it doesn't cease to amaze me with the things you can do with it.
Firstly, let me say that if you haven't used a graphics tablet before (like me) then it's a real big difference between how you use your mouse and the tablet. From the precision, to the use of the pressure sensors, to the position of your arm and the buttons it will be a totally new experience.


Now I've tested it with different applications from generally browsing around the net (which is enjoyable, but a bit slow for my taste), to general use around the OC (drag and drop may be annoying but ok for the most part), to games (It's obvious that this things aren't meant for gaming but you can use it without any problems with most the games that are made to be played with a mouse. For all the others it can also be used but don't forget to put it on mouse mode otherwise you won't be able to do anything with it. Ow and don't try to play FPSs with it... :P ) and graphics programs (and this is where it shines out. Form drawing lines with incredible accuracy to general work with such a program, this little thingy works wonders, basically reducing the technical problems to your one body's limits/talents. Another cool thing is that some programs, like Photoshop, offer specially designed features than take advantage of its pressure sensing capabilities of the tablet and believe me, they come in handy).

My thought about it is after a week: Great! If you're a graphics programs enthusiast then you should definitely buy a graphics tablet, but if you aren't, although it isn't the most expensive thing on earth (mine was 90$ with all shipping costs) then there could be better things you can spend money on.

Sorry that I don't have anything drawn with it to show off my clumbsiness but you can take my word for it :P


Well, that's enough for now. I'll try to post a tutorial next time, as I see that lots of people are wrong about it, but all in due time. 'till then!

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  • School School, popular subject these days 0_o ill start psychology sooner or later i am sure. However, good luck passing the semester 0_o

    Posted Mar 03, 2011

  • If you don't call that a huge update blog, I'll blast your PM with a timebomb. lol. Writing a dairy is kinda boring because who wants to write in this age of typing and blogging. But if you are enjoying it, keep doing it. And that wacom you are planning to buy is kinda impressive. ANd you aren't the only person giving Halo Legends a poor rating.

    Posted Mar 04, 2011

  • @Dramus @Sleven

    Dramus : I wish it wouldn't, but well, that's what keeps most of us from playing all day ... :D Thanx! You too!

    Sleven : No, I don't. When I start relating something I really go into detail. I remember when I was trolling around GameSpot that I had to reduce the length of my blog because it passed the maximum character limit :P (there was also a feature on the site that showed the persons with the largest blogs and I was in the top 5 if I recall correctly).

    Well, I don't have nothing against blogging and tweeting but I do like to keep some things private.

    I've bought it already. I've been using it for about a week.  It's really neat. Hopefully I'll find some time to try and draw a portret and see how well I fare.


    Posted Mar 05, 2011

  • i love wacom i could not live without my bamboo fun but god are they expensive i bet that one you wanna get is gonna cost....alot!... and if its by any chance cheap you have to link me xD

    Posted Mar 05, 2011

  • Some updates. I can't call it short by any angel. lol. Writing a diary is always fun. I did that but eventually got bored. Mostly lazy. Let's hope you can keep up. My suggestion will be to write ideas and plans, not what happened daily.

    Posted Mar 05, 2011
  • avatar RON

    What are the 30 games you've been playing? It's crazy to know anyone can play so many games at the same run.

    Posted Mar 05, 2011

  • @Akio-Norio @Amaya @RON

    Akio-Norio : I've bought it already. As mentioned mine was somewhere 90$ all taxes included. On the producer's site the tablet costs 70$. Here's a link: http://www.wacom.com/bamboo/bamboo_pen.php


    Amaya : Yeah, well.. that's short enough for my taste :P Um, sure, thanx! Most of my ideas are written and re-written in lots of files throughout my hard-drive. I guess that could help :P


    RON : I haven't played all of them in one fell swoop but over the course of a few(ok, more than a few) months.


    In any case the games that I finished in this time are the following:

    Avencast: Rise of the Mage

    Crusader: No Remorse

    Doom 2

    Doukutsu Monogatari (a.k.a. Cave Story)

    Duke Nukem

    Duke Nukem II

    Dungeon Siege

    Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna

    Dungeon Siege II

    Dungeon Siege II: Broken World

    Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper

    Flight of the Amazon Queen


    Grand Theft Auto III

    Guerrilla War (NES)


    Kult: Heretic Kingdoms

    Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader


    Mortal Kombat (the first one)

    No One Lives Forever 2

    Project: Nomads

    Puzzle Kingdoms

    Puzzle Quest 2

    Sam & Max Hit the Road

    Spear of Destiny


    Syberia II

    The Legend of Kage (NES)

    Touhou 02: The Story of Eastern Wonderland

    Touhou 03: The Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

    Touhou 04: Lotus Land Story

    Touhou 05: Mystic Square

    Touhou 06: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

    Tyrian 2000


    Ultimate Doom

    Warlords Battlecry


    Posted Mar 05, 2011

  • @Daktary

    I will be starting my Java class soon just for my career's sake. Cant wait to get out of it.  Spring Break's coming, so I guess you have plenty of opportunity to have a vacation. I have been writing diaries but the problem is that i stop in the middle and dont write anymore. This has been my problem of diary writing ever since. Making the Halo anime in Animatrix style is a neat idea, since it is based on the setting itself. However sometimes I feel the storyline does not get into too much depth. Thats what I felt when I watched Animatrix. Wacom Bamboo is a nice choice. I am trying to save money to get those higer products. The $200 one i think. Small update? Hmm I wonder what the big update gonna like.

    Posted Mar 06, 2011
  • avatar RON

    That's more like a 4-5 months of gaming to do.

    Posted Mar 07, 2011

  • @Koshai @RON

    Koshai : Java's pretty easy to understand. The on-line documentation is pretty comprehensive but it lacks examples so it's a bit of a drag trying to find exactly what you need. Also the compilers help you out a lot in your work with the built-in documentation and autocomplete functions.

    I don't write that much in the diary so I guess I'm safe. Basic stuff is ok with me.

    I had such a bad experience watching the Animatrix that I don't want to remember it. But tastes aren't debatable and if you say you liked the idea, then thumbs up. And yes, I agree that there's not enough time to develop a storyline in a 10 minute episodes.

    That's great. More functions, more fun!'though more functions are kida pricy for my pockets :P

    Trust me, they can be huge... I like to relate things with lots and lots of details :D


    RON : Something like that. I haven't done an update in a long time.

    Posted Mar 07, 2011

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