That's right , I (finally) got my hands on Dawn of War II : Retribution (and fixed my pc. My power source was broken or something of the sort). Played a bit of the Chaos Campaign and I'm totally loving the game so far. But then again , I've grown to become a massive Warhammer 40k fanboy lately. I've acquired a few books based on the universe and , well , they're quite good. Anyway , something tells me that I will try out the other races' campaigns as well after I finish the one I've already started. Did any of you people try it out? I'd be up for a few coop missions if anyone'd like to play.


Besides Retribution , I've started playing Bad Company 2. The singleplayer campaign was very good. And I'm loving the multiplayer so far (even if my scores aren't the best). Speaking about first person shooters , what are your opinions on Black Ops , Medal of Honor and BC 2? Again , if you'd like to play with me , hit me up. I'm playing both games on PC , just to be sure.


It's not the longest of blogs , I know , but I'm feeling lazy right now. And , thanks for the comments on the previous blog. It's good to know you people still know who I am.


 ... no song for you

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  • Black Ops was ok. 7/10 from me. MoH was below avg. 5/10. Didn't play BC2 since I didn't like the first one much.

    It's hard to forget the guy who stole all my monkeys :P

    Posted Mar 20, 2011

  • add BrunoBRS on BC2 (PC), i think i have about 75h of game, just on multiplayer :D (single player is laaame)

    Posted Mar 20, 2011

  • have to say Black Ops .... 10/10 so no no no sleven :P

    Posted Mar 21, 2011

  • @CaseyD i have to disagree with you on that 10/10...i give it 9.9/10....single player should have been longer! :D

    Posted Mar 21, 2011

  • @Sleven @CaseyD @Dramus I disagree with everyone!!! 6 in my opinion!!!

    Posted Mar 23, 2011

  • @Koshai Blasphemy kitty dude!

    Posted Mar 23, 2011

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