None of you may know it but.. I am in the school publication here at school (Of course none if you know it).. and here we have a typical three person team.. Me and two of the honor students..


Well, here in our country, we are currently on our summer break.. and we have also graduated from High School... one of them contacted me and told me the plan was that they were the one to do the interview and I was the one to handle the write up article..and so I agree.. the interview was set two days later..


The day of the interview goes.. and I'm still at home, preparing my mind for writing the write-up.. at 5:51PM, they sent me the results of their interview, which by the way is just made up of notes and the answers were in our native language(I suck in speaking our native language, I speak english better) and there was even a blank answer..

and here I am now working and at the same time writing this blog, a little pissed off.. because of those lazy bastards.. and the best part about all of this is, they told me the deadline a few hours ago.. and you know when that is... TOMORROW!..


Well, anyways, I'm about to finish what is possible to finish.. and I was thinking of passing this directly to the head of the publication.. nad giving him a piece of my mind..

I feel that this blog should now be under the area of rant but I just chose other just to be safe..


Phrase for today:

You bastards..

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  • Good luck with the article mate! Just don't break your your pen.

    Posted Mar 24, 2011

  • @Augustus : maybe i a late, but still belated good luck!!!

    Posted Mar 28, 2011

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