A bit of a slump

By Yuna7780, Posted 05 Apr 2011

Hey, NFers! :) How's it going? I hope everyone is well!

Anyway, I didn't get the Hard News job, but that doesn't mean I'm going to give up. It feels like lately I haven't had time to sit down and have fun making a video. I guess I'm going through one of those phases.

If you're interested, I posted my English video I made during my spring break. It's good for having extremely inexperienced actors, but I spent 4 days working on this project along with a paper, the script, and powerpoint that goes with it. Too much work for a BREAK assignment. In the end, I actually had time to work on writing a script for my own videos on the last day of my spring break.



I hope you are enjoying the spring as it slowly comes in!
~Yuna, Liz

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  • They weren't so bad as how you said they are. You were pretty good even though you played a short role in there.

    Posted Apr 05, 2011

  • @Sleven I didn't say they were bad, but noting that I'm frustrated that the project took that long during my break. It took up nearly HALF of my days off, which is why I'm sour. But I know I'll have the best video in class. >:]

    Posted Apr 05, 2011

  • You should. Your videos are good and have humors. This one a little monotonous but wasn't bad. Good luck with the project result :)

    Posted Apr 06, 2011

  • @Yuna7780 : Taming of the Shrew? Interesting way to bring Shakepeare story into modern times. No matter how hard you do and how frustated you get, if the end result is positive, it negates everything else negative.

    Posted Apr 07, 2011

  • saw the vid, very funny indeed.

    also saw one about the ffxiii characters, kudos on that couldnt stop laughing lol

    Posted Apr 11, 2011

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