The 7th layer Moves to Itunes ONLY!

By Dan, Posted 26 Jun 2011
Hey Everyone,
It has come to our attention that this site only has room for one Audio Show!
 It is becoming increasingly likely that the Noobcast is the show the site will go with! Which is totally fine with us. so with this in mind Cian and I have decided to take the 7th layer Independant and on Itunes only.

Now we realise that an official decision had to be made by the man in charge but to Ron we say, we didnt want to put you in that awkward position. so we made this decision and we hope you can respect it. Above all we want to thank you for the opertunity you gave us to let our voices be heard and we will always be indebted to you!

To our friends in the noobcast we say, Keep doing your thing guys! the people like it and so do we! god bless and we hope the show goes from strength to strength.

To our fans here on Noobfeed, we hope you guys will continue to listen to us via itunes, your support has meant the world to both Cian and I! we thank each and every one of you personally. Especially DarrieNY who has gone above and beyond with support!.

With regard to current positions Both Cian and I would like to remain in our positions but if its not possible we understand totally.

all the best guys

Cian and Dan

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