World of Tanks

By Feran, Posted 05 Jul 2011

For any one thats not tried this one yet its defiantly worth a go, for any pc gamer, that's into vehicle based online combat.



Based around the tank battles of world war II, this free to play online game developed by a company called is an action packed pack strategic PVP style MMO , Once you create an account and download the client, which determines which of the 2 servers you play on U.S or E.U.


Once the game is loaded you start what opens up to be your garage where you keep all your vehicles, there are currently only 3 nations at the moment U.S. , Russia & Germany but you can play tanks from any nation as games are randomly group from all nations. As you play and rack up the kills, you gain XP & gold which you can spend of tech trees which allows you access to bigger and better tanks or upgrade the ones you already have..


The game its self, includes many features you would expect from an MMO including the following:


1) Guilds (Tank Companies) (there is a charge for this though)

2) Tech Tress

3) Many things to buy to add to your tanks and different types of ammo top use

4) The game also allows you to reskin the tanks, although this is only client side.

5) 15 v 15 PVP match's open to public and Clan wars

6) Tanks range from light, medium, heavy, artillery and tank destroyers and and ranked according to their teir on the tech trees...


I will try and add more at a later time but the game is free to play from the start but you can purchase in game gold, which you can use to buy premium accounts which gives you increase XP rates, allows you to form groups and purchase other bits you can add to your tanks. 


I will try to add more details at a later time but you can check out the screenshots and the trailer.


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  • Sounds like a pretty interesting Free to Play game, thanks for sharing with us :)

    You should drop a screenshot or two in your post! Let us see what your tank looks like and such!

    If you need help, leave me a PM and I'd be glad to assist.

    Posted Jul 06, 2011

  • seems to me this is kinda game like battlefield tank only game. interesting idea anyway!!!

    Posted Jul 06, 2011

  • You owe me for editing your blog. As for the game, it looks good but I hardly have time for a MMO.

    Posted Jul 06, 2011

  • Looks good but not really my type of game. @FetusZero might be interested is such crazy game.

    Posted Jul 07, 2011

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