what a shame.. =,="

By samael63, Posted 23 Sep 2011

so. here's the story.

a few weeks ago I got a whole week holiday. and guess what ?.. have no enough time to get online.

then in the next week I started my life again in the institute after holiday, and the first day lecture said "so, have you finish the presentation for tomorrow ??" (WTF !! I don't remember that d*mn presentation !!) so I made the presentation for a whole night. and its finished in the morning and ready for presentation.
and in the same day. one of my friend asked me about kitchen operation's task to find 30 sauces recipe (err.... =,=" 
after the class firstly I searched the sauces name and try to find the recipe. and again. it takes hours to finish that d*mn task because I couldn't find the basic recipe T.T
in the morning when I gave the sauces paper, the lecture said "we'll have a practice after the classes, so please prepare your team" T.T its finished at dinner.

in the next day there's a carrer day and its finished at dusk. go home, stucked in the traffic jam and arrived at dinner. T.T

its all like that until weekend (sunday) because there's a beauty class on saturday, finished at dusk, go home, stucked in the  traffic jam again and arrived at dinner T.T

in the next week I have the same bussy week as the week before it.

and in the next week, I have a weekly practice in a restaurant's kitchen for 5days (weekday) and just finished today. T.T


so, what do I missed ?? 

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  • you've missed alot! last week, there was this huuuggeee fly that ran into a light post...suffice to say it was very bloody. the post fell, the fly was rushed to the bug flyer's hospital. but everything turned out ok in the end and the fly will make a full recovery. the post however...well, they had to scrap it sadly.


    other than that, you didnt miss anything.

    Posted Sep 23, 2011

  • That's what I called a messy timing. lol. Lucky you pulled through.

    You've missed few of my awesome blogs and some good reviews :P

    Posted Sep 23, 2011

  • i know what holiday you're talking about. you know what i did in that holiday?





    Posted Sep 24, 2011

  • @Dramus : LOL then you missed the ducks executions (by me) 


    @Sleven : yeah.. =.= its because its near the end of the semester, so there's so many tasks should be finish. 

    ok then. I'll read them. :D


    @BrunoBRS : lol I should be have a great holiday too. but traffic screwed it all.. =,=

    Posted Sep 25, 2011

  • This is why I like NF, I get updates on friends which I usually don't see in facebook. 

    Posted Sep 28, 2011

  • @Amaya : but still I can't see you amaya,. =="

    Posted Oct 02, 2011

  • @samael63 lol but you are one of those few friends I talk regularly.

    Posted Oct 03, 2011

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