My Hardest Trophies

By fishdalf, Posted 20 Nov 2011

We all like to earn trophies, whether we admit it to ourselves or not. It’s the tougher ones that are the most rewarding of all though and here is a rundown of the ones I’ve personally struggled with the most as I sit on the cusp of my twenty-first platinum.

Tekken 6 – Machine Crusher – Silver

“Defeat NANCY-MI847J.”

This mother-f of a machine brushes off attacks like you’re a common house fly and then proceeds to stomp, shoot and batter you into submission. What’s worse is you only get a meeting with the beast if you go undefeated through a chunk of arcade mode. It took me a fair few attempts to even get close to evading its attacks and then plotting out counter hits, but I eventually got there and when the trophy popped my lowly computer chair acted as an ejector seat, and fist pumps ensued.

Start the Party! – Chain King! – Gold

“Pop a colour chain of 70+ fish in Poppin’ on Hard difficulty.”

Not realising exactly what this trophy entailed at first and underestimating the light-hearted nature of the game I was stabbing frantically like a maniac at the screen, using my motion controller as a dagger on a mass fish killing spree. It was only after many failed attempts that I realised it was more about finesse than anything else, and began holding it like a dart, choosing my spots where a select fish would find itself in space and then picking it off accordingly until that much-deserved gold trophy was mine.

Prison Break – Invisible – Gold

“Complete every chapter without being seen.”

Undoubtedly one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had with a game. That wouldn’t necessarily have been a bad thing had it been a good game, but alas it was yet another TV-to-game botch job that did more to irritate than it did to entertain. The trophy requires you to essentially go through the entire game without being spotted once, never mind being killed, and it was only after much patience and a whole lot of reloading that I was able to call this trophy my own.

Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz – Hall of Fame – Gold

“Achieve 13,000 points in the ‘Stop the Clock Challenge’ or answer 75 questions in the ‘Over the Edge Challenge’.”

Another game that people will probably take for granted is Buzz due to its soft-natured, all ages appeal. However, when you’re faced with the task of answering 75 questions on the run, with no pause time and some pretty tricky questions thrown in then it becomes a daunting task. I probably retried this more than I’ve ever done with any other game before, and on the one occasion I got t 67 correct answers and failed I almost gave up. Persistence paid off in the end though and I stumbled over the line.

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  • For me, the epic battle to get the "The Bladder of Steel Award" - Completed the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing in Rock Band 2, make me to never platinum a game again...took me 2 years, three games and two consoles...the day i get this trophy, the apartment in front of me was on fire, 3 songs to finish the 84 tracks...but i made it and get the platinum trophy, and i promise myself to never do this thing again in my life! 

    Posted Nov 20, 2011

  • course, i love trophies, the only thing i don't want to is to repeat games in many difficults just to get a trophy, or play for 200 hours to earn a bronze, things like that...there are so many games to play and so little time...

    Posted Nov 20, 2011

  • Ha know what you mean, but oh well, always fun to pick up a platinum every now and again.

    Posted Nov 21, 2011

  • I feel your pain...Sometimes, even a simple bronze can mess with your gaming skills, and if it's glitched it's even worst. 

    Game: Sniper: Ghost Warrior

    Trophy -  Unnoticed (Bronze)

    Requirements: Stealthily enter the manor in 'Better late than never' mission.

    Difficulty - Pain in the a$$/Glitched

    Posted Nov 21, 2011

  • Yeah, the Tekken trophy is by far the hardest trophy I have ever achieved as well! 

    Which character did u use?

    Posted Nov 21, 2011

  • I don't remember who I defeated it with in the end, but I played through most of the game with Eddie.

    Posted Nov 22, 2011

  • I haven't gotten that Tekken trophy yet...but holy crap I can imagine how difficult it is....I hardly got one hit on that thing when I played through!

    Posted Nov 27, 2011

  • I dream of one day making platinum, Assassins Creed 2 is a good one for that. I got almost all of them on Xbox

    Posted Nov 28, 2011

  • Hardcore gamer i see.! 

    Posted Nov 30, 2011

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