Halo: Combat Evolved

By RedWolf37, Posted 27 Nov 2011

It's hard to believe that it has been ten years.  Ten years since the original Xbox launched along with the very first Halo.  Halo: Combat Evolved single handedly turned the FPS genre into a worldwide phenomenon of gaming.  It introduced FPS games to the consoles you might say. It had the greatest multiplayer, had a lot of LAN parties and all nighters, and became a pop culture phenomenon.  Its controls translated very well into the consoles, had a really good story, and just took over the game industry by storm.  After ten long years we come back to the game that started it all and put Microsoft’s Xbox on the map.  The question is did the game stand the age of time very well?  That answer would be yes to an extent.

Well guys this is the first part of my review on the New/Old Halo.  If you managed to make it this far you might as well read the rest of it like RIGHT NOW!!  <--- Click this way!

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  • @Grayshadow had somewhat similar to say in his review too but his ratings were not as generous as yours.

    Posted Dec 01, 2011

  • @Amaya

    I find the score a little low to be bluntly honest.

    Posted Dec 04, 2011

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