Are You Fat, Ugly, or Slutty?

By jekyll, Posted 04 Jan 2012

So, as the year closes out it's perhaps the worst time for new television. There's just nothing new right now. There's a few decent reruns, and in the past few weeks I've discovered that Comedy Central airs 30 Rock between 7:00–8:00, which is great, even if I only get to see the second one since Jeopardy! airs at 7:00 here.



I have completed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim after about 190 hours of play time, including arecent four hour play-and-chat session with GameSpot's valdarez. It's a great, engrossing game, but it's a huge shame that their patches have caused more problems than they fix. Treasure maps are now bugged in that the chests that are supposed to spawn and be found when you obtain the mapsnow do not. And if any of you play, DO NOT SELL THE THIEVE'S GUILD ARMOR. Not having it currently prevents you from getting the prompt to collect your guildmaster armor, which despite being a formality prevents you from the 30GS achievement for wrapping up that questline. Hopefully a future patch will address that, and I am looking forward to the DLC.


I've moved on to Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection. Currently I'm on MGS 2: Sons of Liberty, and have already passed Snake's tanker adventure and am onto Raiden's plant adventure. It's great to hear Otacon's voice again, and dying is never so pleasurable as in an MGS title. I'm not into buying remakes at all, butI made this exception since I've never had a PSP and this compilation has that system's MGS: Peace Walkeron it.


I'm also slowly getting good at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online play. I'm far better at using regular assault rifles and machine guns than I've ever been, and I still feel really hamstrung being a traditional sniper and not having replenishing claymores to protect myself with. But I've adapted out of necessity; I'm still a few thousand deaths in the hole K/D-wise, but yesterday got it from 0.566 to 0.585; a decent New Year's weekend could get it past 0.6!


Finally, I found a great site via Kotaku called Fat, Ugly, or Slutty.Three girl games got together and created thiscompilation of the horrific messages guys send to girls after getting beaten by them (or just to be sexist pigs). The gist is that if a girl games, she typically gets branded "fat", "ugly", or "slutty" in hate mail. If you've never gamed online, it's a fairly accurate (¿and horrific?) window into what people you encounter as a gamer.


That's all for today. Have a great 2012, everybody!

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