Hello again everyone!  I have been missing in action a little bit.  But no need to worry I am here to stay.  I love to do blogs for you guys and I missed the the environment here at Noobfeed and it's good to be back.  I had a bit of a brain dead moment for the month or so I was gone.  You see I am good at computers just not great.  However though I was always beast with Windows 98 and XP.  Let's just say me and Windows 7 do not get along all that great and I fear the worst for Windows 8.  I missed all of you guys and It's really awesome to be back typing blogs and doing reviews. Please let me know how everyone has been It's been way to long.  But enough with the emotional reunions I am here to talk about what everyone wants to talk about and that's games.  I have a lot of thing I have to get off my chest. 

First thing is first.  There seems to be a lot of doom and gloom in the air with regards to Nintendo.  Well not entirely gloom and doom because the 3DS is finally picking up some steam!  a lot of games are showing up finally!  Look out guys the 3DS is finally going to kick some but!  With Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater on the way and the new Resident Evil Revelations coming out, along with the stellar games like Zelda Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, Mario 3D land, Star Fox 64, and Kid Icarus making a return after many years of being away, and my personal favorite, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance,  seems like the 3DS will do just fine.  But back to the doom and gloom.  First thing is first I want to talk about Zelda and the glitch.  There is a glitch in The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, that does not allow you to beat the game!  For what I know about it so far, there is a certain quest you cannot do or else the game will lock up and you will  not be able to beat it.  I have got quite the beef with this bug.  How in the world did nobody find this bug/glitch while the game was being tested and developed?  One would think you would catch this bug with ease.  It's not like you're developing on Playstation 3 or XBox 360.  You're developing on a console that is very behind the times.  I get some bugs slip through the cracks, and you can patch them via online update, but this is a very big bug!  I don't know how in the world you let a big this major slip through the cracks!  Can the WII even update fully done developed games!?!?  It does go online after all, but I am really not sure if it can update games.  somebody let me know if it does.  I am just in total shock that such an amazing game like The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword would have a bug of such caliber.

"Well the 3DS is going to be okay thats for sure..."


Speaking of doom and gloom there was a major panic attack among us gamers and at Nintendo.  There was a rumor going about that Shigeru Miyamoto was leaving the company and teaching the younger generation of developers on how to develop games.  Turns out that rumor was not so true and Shigeru Miyamoto isn't going anywhere.  I am glad the world does not need this man to quit making games yet where we live in a day and age that all I see is first person shooters on consoles.  Shigeru Miyamoto will still continue to oversee the development of major titles but he is also moving down to help smaller teams with their games. 

"Please don't leave!!  We need you!"

Shigeru Miyamoto Pictures, Images and Photos


Now the WII U!!!  Finally Nintendo wants us hardcore gamers gack they say!  Well.......If you wanted us back why did you name your console the WII U!?  Why is the controller a tablet?  Why is it still motion gaming!?  The only upside I can really think about for this console is that finally Nintendo is catching up to the Playstation 3 and XBox 360.  Finally a whole bunch of Nintendo games in HD!  But is it a little too late considering the Playstation 4 and the new XBox are just right around the corner!?  Well not legit right around the corner.  I'm talking around 2014-2015 around the corner.  Is it possible that Nintendo has a magic trick or two in its hat?  We are still in the early stages of this console and anything can change, but if I want my ":hardcore" audience back, I would do away with this tablet. 

"We want hardcore gamers back so we're going to make a new console with same bs different day."

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Okay guys and gals I promise you I am not picking on Nintendo all together trust me.  I got some beef with Sony and It's Playstation products all together.  I have some complaints with the Playstation Vita and the new Playstation 3 system update.  So by the sales figures in Japan, it looks like the Vita kinda fell out of the gate on launch.  Nintendos 3DS  launch day out sold the Vita's launch day.  Oh boy Sony, here you go again repeating your same mistakes.  Playstation 3 system update is also crazy.  Now there is a health and safety warning when I turn on my system.  Okay no big deal,  But the big deal for me is when each time I start my game it asks me if I want to auto load my data or save it.  Something to do with this whole cloud deal.  I get a bit irritated when it asks me each and single time.  No I really do not care about this.  I can save and load on my own thanks.  I just want to go straight to my game and i do not want to read this every time.  Also i hear rumblings of the PSP limitation on downloadable games.  It's going from 5 to 2.  That really bothers me.  Way to take others money Sony good job.  I thought the whole deal was not to get hacked again and now your just asking for another hack by limiting the PSP.  What is your agenda Sony really?  Looks like another case of wanting to shoot yourself in the foot again in my opinion.  

"DUDE!  We got such a beast of a system that we're just going to continue to mess with it!!"

PS 3 Pictures, Images and Photos


Finally I want to move on to Microsoft ans the XBox 360.  Please do me a favor and quit changing my dashboard every year?  When I finally get used to it you go on and change it.  Seems a little more complicated in my opinion but I will get used to it.


It's good to see you all again here on NOOBFEED!!!!!  I hope to be back more and more and look for the MGS HD Collection review and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 review coming real soon!

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  • Well, the Skyward Sword glitch i found out like right before i did the part. its actually part of the main quest. its when you have to go track down the "songs" from the dragons. if you dont do them in a specific order, then there is a "chance" your game will fail to acknowledge the songs and thus you wont be able to continue. if i recall, it was forest, desert, volcano in that order.


    As for that xbox dashboard thing...i thought it was some stupid thing with the newer xbox...since i bought a new one and thats when i got it. i find it annoying the new one. shows stupid xbox app ads that i dont care about. its not in a separate section like before. and i cant see my avatar almost everywhere like before. its only in one little section, so whats the point of even having it. freaking power hungry bastards.

    Posted Jan 17, 2012

  • @Dramus

    I have not got all that far in Skyward Sword, but the dashboard is a pain in the neck.  My poor avatart gets no facetime anymore either.  Curse Micro$oft!

    Posted Jan 17, 2012

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