So yea, bday came and went and had lots of fun with the buds. Anyways, enough about that! where are my manners!!?? Here, ill start over again.


Hi everyone!!! Welcome to the latest edition of Tomas and Joe Speak Their Minds!!!!! In this edition, people get a small update of what i am doing now!! So, my new copy of fallout new vegas arrived last weekend and im trying to finish up the "hardcore" game that i had started for the achievement. after that, i will finish Lonesome Road and also the "extra" achievements put in there after the gunrunner's arsenal and courrier stash were made available -_-. the latter is rather annoying because i spent a good deal of time doing the 10k damage counts with all the other weapon modes and now i have to do some more with some specific weapons *sighs* there will be alot of dead giant radscorpions in the "thorn" soon. Anyways, once i net 100% completetion, then i will go and more than likely write a review on it. (was waiting to finish lonesome road to do that)


In other news! my copy of FFXIII-2 collectors will be arriving soon along witht the collectors guide :P i also ordered Kingdoms Of Amalur into the mix...or rather, pre ordered it :D. Aside from those, i finished Fable 3, and i am playing nicely into Blue Dragon...Bless you Akira Toriyama!


Now, for those who followed my Halo Reach crisis...i found an sadly i wont give the code away :( . i traded the code to my friend in the states. since he can download it. so he is sending me his copy of the game and he already claimed the code for now i can do achievement hunts in halo reach! w00t...or since i dont do much hunting, ill just be able to play the game when i want in peace now -_-.


So thats all for omas and Joe Speak Their Minds tune in soon for more updates after something has kidnapped me and destroyed me for playing too much these days.


Ps: i also bought a new bed base and a couch/recliner so that i can be more"confortable" playing games in my apartment :P

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  • Who can dare to kidnap you? And I'm happy that you've found a way to trade Reach.

    Posted Feb 06, 2012

  • @Amaya yup i am quite happy too :D. I finished Vegas...completely! i have 2237 saves in total and you can only guess how many game hours since i dont save THAT often -_-. but still 100% completion is quite good :D. i left a grand master save with all my companions properly set up and everything where i can go and kill stuff. all i have to do is load up, choose 2 companions and roll out :P

    Posted Feb 06, 2012

  • That's one hell of an achievement. I can tell because I was no where near it. I gave up when I had to get into a vault and activate some water system. Vegas is too huge. I would play it again but I lost all the save files and I don't dare to start it from start.

    How come Tomas and Joe got together?

    Posted Feb 07, 2012

  • @Amaya how can we not get together??? Joe and I share a love for vegas...we love the Mojave! and start your game from scratch! i have done it like 5 or 6 times lol. and i might do it again :P

    and speaking of crazy things...where in the world is @Sleven ?? havent seen him around for a while

    Posted Feb 07, 2012

  • It's whether Vegas has you now or you are one of those craziest Fallout fans. Couple years back I heard some guys actually went to build a vault and started to live in there. Let's not hope you turn into something like them.

    He had an accident and was grounded. Only place you can find him is in Xfire.

    Posted Feb 08, 2012

  • @Amaya nah i wont do something as crazy as that. Although i do wish i could do that, and i wouldnt mind doing that. but i am a crazy fan and i cant wait for bethesta to come out with the next installment now that they are done with New Vegas.

    You still didnt answer my Sleven question -_-

    Posted Feb 09, 2012

  • I knew you'd wish something like that. Even I did during the time I was playing Fallout 3.

    I did! He had an accident and was grounded. Only place you can find him is in Xfire.

    Posted Feb 09, 2012

  • @Amaya oooo i thought that was about the guy who built the shelter lol just what did slev do? try to burn the house?

    Posted Feb 10, 2012

  • Took part in a bicycle race and crashed. He was forbidden to take part as this wasn't his first time. Don't worry about him. He'll be back. He always does.

    Posted Feb 11, 2012

  • @Amaya lol thats funny. give him my regards. tell him he is missed

    Posted Feb 12, 2012

  • I don't think I too will have the chance to talk to him any soon. You know why.

    Posted Feb 12, 2012

  • @Amaya oh yes, i fully understand :P

    Posted Feb 12, 2012

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