It is hard to believe that during the course of time some games age really bad.  But others can stand the test of time and play just as well as they did back so many years ago.  Metal Gear Solid has stood the test of time and has come out the victor.  The Metal Gear series in general seems like it does not age.  If it does age it's like a fine wine.  Just as great then as it is now.  Starting back in the days of MSX, Metal Gear was a very unique game.  It was the first stealth action game to get released.  For once the object of the game was to sneak your way through instead of just running and gunning.  The game also had quite a compelling story too.  The story of fathers, sons, brothers, clones, ect, the games designer Hideo Kojima had developed a masterpiece.


Well that’s the start of my review.  Might as well read the rest of by clicking here.


But I also have a bit of a problem with games going multiplatform.  This problem starts going back to last console generation.  When I always see a multiplatform game or more that one console rather, I have the need to buy both versions of that game.  One version is always going to be better than the other version in some way shape or form.  I first saw this problem when I purchased Soul Calibur 2.  Each console had its own playable character.  Link; on the GameCube, Spawn; on XBox, and Heihachi; on PlayStation 2.  I went and bought all three versions of the game like a mad man.  But it bothered me that each owner of each version got cheated in some way, shape, or form.  Same could be said for the Tony Hawk series.  PS2 owners got online play but others didn't?  Sonic Heroes on PS2 had bugs and choppy frame rate but XBox owners and GameCube owners had a pretty good game. 



Now going on to this generation it has gotten much worse.  Soul Calibur 4 had its own Star Wars Characters.  XBox had Yoda and PS3 had Darth Vader.  Granted they would both become DLC, but again both console owners got cheated.  Same could be said about the Call of Duty series.  XBox owners get all DLC maps first and PS3 owners have to wait?  Even if you have Call of Duty Elite PS3 owners still have to wait.  Now that's really getting the screws put to you.  If you have noticed, most PS3 games have exclusive DLC content that XBox owners don't get.  Like Dead Space 2, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter X Tekken, and much more.  Now the MGS HD Collection is added to that list of "even though its multiplatform, one version gets more content than the other."  Xbox owners get fewer achievements than the PS3, and PS3 gets a transferring feature.  This is wrong in my eyes.  If you're going to do a game for multiple consoles, they should be all equal.

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