Finished up and posted first video for NoobFeed earlier today. Just a quick "Preview" video for a game called Crusader Kings 2. A game I have spent a pretty good amount of time with lately. Have posted over 5 hours of Tutorial and LP videos online for it. Just one of the most solid Paradox releases I have ever seen.

With the disaster release of SotS2 (which was only published by them and developed by Kerberos) this more then made up for that in the area of fan brownie points.

Good stuff.

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  • Probably the first ever strategy game I've actually tried to play. And what a game to start with  Even after watching your tutorials for hours (you sure have quite a lot of them) I could hardly play it. Maybe I should try some basic strategy games like Age of Empire or Star Craft first.

    Posted Mar 14, 2012

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