Whats In A Name

By Dramus, Posted 27 Apr 2012

Hiya folks! Joe here wishing everyone a joyous start of the weekend! Sorry, thats all the blog time i get today. Dramus on the other hand has a few things to say. See ya all soon.

So Dramus here peoplez how is everyone doing!? Thats just great! Anyways, todays subject is "Whats in a name" Now you all have speculations of where this is going, but i will not bored you with countless stuff as i am making the most of the limited free time i have at work right now. I will however tell you something funny that happened to me last Friday when i visited my mother's house.


For some reason my ID came out of my wallet and she picked it up. I quickly went to grab and said "no one is allowed to set their eyes on holy information thats on my ID" (yes i said that to my mother) her response was "please, you came out of me. I know all this info by heart" she quickly begins reciting the info and then stops at my name and says "I really should have fought with your dad about your name. i never wanted to name you Tomas" to which i quickly sit up from my bed and say "im sorry, please explain, i thought YOU named me... since i thought my father didnt meet me until i was a few months old..." she replied " oh no, he was there when you were born, he signed the paper work with the name he wanted to give you without my concent." Even more confused, I said "ok, so what were you planning on naming me..." To which she replied I wanted to name you GILBERT" I Was repulsed by these news, very repulsed. but it didnt end there. She quickly added "i wanted to name you GILBERT so that i could call you GILLY as a nickname" I was sooo repulsed and amazed by this, that i told her to please shut up and not speak to me for at least a week.


I picked up the phone and started dialing a number. she spoke asking whom am i calling, i told her "silence woman, you are not worthy to speak to me at this point" (yes i did say that lol) when the other person picked up i said "your blessings father, i am calling you because i have been giving most grievous news. I have been notified of a horrible incident that thanks to you i was spared from its consequences." he was confused so i had to elaborate by mentioning how he gave me my name. he proceeded to crack up completely. Now let me explain something. My father is not the fatherly type. He's horrible with dates and all that stuff. So hearing crack up without me finishing my explanation was rather surprising. He says he remembers how she wanted to give me some extremely oddball name "gilberto or gilb or something like that" and that he wasnt going to let his son suffer in his life because of a name like that. I told him thank you dad. i love you very much and you have saved your son from becoming a serial killer like Dexter Morgan.


So yea, funny huh?

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  • It would be fun calling you Gilly. Adorable too. But mostly funny. lol. Gilbert sounds familiar though. I must have a friends with this name somewhere. Probably from London.

    Posted Apr 28, 2012

  • @Amaya yes, quite possibly...its also a comic strip in the US.

    Posted Apr 28, 2012

  • Google showed that to me already. 

    Posted Apr 28, 2012

  • @Amaya but i am soooo much more cooler than THAT gilbert :P

    Posted Apr 29, 2012

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