Hey All

By Cian, Posted 02 Jun 2012

Hey all,

I'm back, did a few course here and there. but now i'm back to help out.

1st- i have posted up my GRFS review ( that i did for the podcast)

2nd - i picked up a HTC desire HD phone - it is awesome :)

3- what do you expect from E3 - can wait to watch in live on the xbox - lets just hope the bring good apps to Uk and Ireland,

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  • Look who's back from the dead :)


    Posted Jun 02, 2012

  • @Amaya  its good to be back  :)

    Posted Jun 02, 2012

  • You should probably leave an email to the team and gather updates from Craig and Ron regarding the new site development.


    Posted Jun 03, 2012

  • @Cian wb wb. :D

    Posted Jun 07, 2012

  • welcome back :D and congrats on your new phone :D

    Posted Jun 12, 2012

  • @Dramus thank you thank you

    @CaseyD thanks yeah the phone is awesome

    Posted Oct 28, 2012

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