By CaseyD, Posted 11 Jul 2012

Hey guys, so thinking of making gaming video blogs (talk show, research, questions, whatever else), i have some ideas but i was looking for some that you guys might have :) LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN! :)  

Thank you my gaming peeps ;) 

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  • Are you going to do it on regular basis or just once?

    Posted Jul 11, 2012

  • That's a great idea, CaseyD! Let me know if you need some assistance. :)

    Posted Jul 12, 2012

  • @Amaya, on a regular basis :) and thank you!! 

    Posted Jul 13, 2012

  • Then simply talk about the articles [review/preview/news] posted here within the periods between your episodes. This way you won't have to prepare any massive script other than adjusting what's been already written.

    Posted Jul 14, 2012

  • @CaseyD indeed. need any help with some random stuff hit me up (not hard though, i dont like being hit -_-)

    Posted Jul 23, 2012

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