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By CaseyD, Posted 11 Jul 2012

Since its summer,i have way more time to be derping around on the internet, when NF was down i felt out of my skin SO EXCITED its back! woot woot!!! who feels the same way???? :) Tell me some interesting stories of anyones summer?? i missed hearing some personal stories from my fellow friends!! 

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  • avatar RON

    Before about you tell yours? It's been while since we've heard from you.

    Posted Jul 11, 2012

  • Well, @Ron ... Over this summer i had the possability to go to Universal and visit Hogwarts :D .. im thinking of making a blog and including pictures and some of the things i got to experience there seperatly (im a big Harry Potter fan), i got to go to Disney and to a few beaches, I also went to Las Vegas and next week i will have the opportunity to visit IBM headquarters due to some work ive been doing with my Mother, been visiting Universities as well, although thats not that big of a deal... thats about it for adventures :) 

    Posted Jul 11, 2012

  • Indeed havent seen the miss around for a while :) glad to have even a blog back from you lol.

    Nothing much done this summer...i work, im a workaholic, so its mostly work lol. I have been achievement hunting on the video game front. on the non video game front. its been party and party and party :P hopefully beach with some peoplez this coming weekend. I'm cooking Tomas's famous "Super Spaguetti A La Dramus". Yea you might say "but you live on an island, you should be able to go the beach every day!"  but then i say "yea but then it gets boring to go every day :/ "

    Posted Jul 13, 2012

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