Joe Has Hijacked The Blog

By Dramus, Posted 19 Jul 2012

The title says it all folks! Joe has tied up Dramus and has hijacked this blog spot! w00t! Anyways, before he bites through his ropes, small updates and stuff!


Been trying to get a master file going for Tales of Vesperia recently. Quite fun and almost done :D


Got 100% completion on Batman Arkham Asylum. I couldnt do thist before because the fighting challenges were...well...challenging for me lol. but after getting 100 on the riddler challenges in Arkham City, those others in Asylum were a breeze :D


Also started watching two and half men. The show is actually funny. didnt think it would be.


And for you science geeks...i was bored and downloaded the whole series of Bill Nye the Science Guy :P yes im going to watch it all. Just 22gb...who would have thought.


Damn, Dramus ate through the rope in his mouth and is trying to chew through the others. See you guys later!


Oh yea, Dramus just screamed out that this weekend is Beach weekend for him and some of the buds. how great. Says they are making him cook his universally famous spaguetties. sweetness!


Well this is Joe! over and out!

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  • avatar RON

    Been watching two and a half men since season one. But not liking it much after Charlie Sheen lost his franchise. 

    Posted Jul 20, 2012

  • @RON yea i hear that its not as good without him and i can see why. but i also heard that its not that Ashton is bad, but that its a different feel to the show now.

    Posted Jul 20, 2012

  • Love what Joe did to my man ;P Played Arkham City for 361 hours and felt I still could gave this game another 100 hours.

    Posted Jul 21, 2012

  • @Amaya yea that bastard. he ran out of the house afterwards and hasnt shown his face -_- suffice to say. i really havent gotten 100 on arkaham challenges with catwoman and the robins. i have to buy the rest of the dlc in order to get it -_-

    Posted Jul 22, 2012

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